Dumpster Diaries: Game Plan Today- Less Stress, More Organization- ORGANIZATION IDEAS/COMMENTS NEEDED PLEAAASEEE!

  Now that we have 20 more days of dumpster rental (the company offered to extend it for 5 bucks a day- I couldn’t say no), work can go at a much easier pace. This takes a TON of stress off my shoulders. R goes back to work tomorrow and I will not have a lot of help until he is off again next Weds.

We haven’t done anything yet. I was able to have my coffee and relax a bit without a panic attack for once. I haven’t done any grocery shopping in over a week, which also needs to be done at some point today.

Today, we will be focusing on the GARAGE (which is ALSO full to the gills- lots of flooring in there that needs to go), back room, upstairs kitchen, and laundry.

C will be throwing the flooring in the garage out. R wants to focus on moving the furniture from the upstairs kitchen downstairs (and some of the antiques are going into my dad’s antique shop). He also wants to haul dressers UPSTAIRS. I want to get some of this laundry off my kitchen floor.

While R is working this week, we will be doing massive amounts of laundry/folding. I want to empty all the cupboard in the upstairs kitchen (it’s currently packed with teas I haven’t seen in years) and wash them all down. I need to find a place to store the Fiesta ware.

I am still not organized in my game plan, but that’s a start. If anyone out there has better ideas, please PLEASE LET ME KNOW- leave me a comment.

I WELCOME any input. My adhd is not good at stuff like this.


Breakfast Time with Daddy and Maisie

She’s so cute here. I love this baby sooo much!


Want to Look Better in Instagram Photos? There’s a Beauty Product For That


niod photography fluid Photo: Instagram/@10deciem

Let’s be real: Social media’s got us all in its grip, and—if you’re anything like me—you’ve willingly fallen into photo-editing black holes, spending obscene amounts of time futzing with various filters and effects until you’re confident your image is ready for public consumption. Well guys, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: There’s a British beauty product that basically acts as an Instagram filter.

Meet NIOD’s Photography Fluid, an oil-free facial serum that was designed specifically to make you look better in photos.

How? The technology’s pretty complex, and involves a mix of light-refracting prismatic and blurring particles derived from minerals (and gold!) that fuse together to give you a more even, luminous, filtered complexion.

I first read about this potential godsend in British newspaper the Telegraph, and—like any good beauty hoarder worth her salt—feverishly went on a Google rampage to track the stuff down. Despite reports it sold…

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Olive Oil Trouble

this is disconcerting


Olive-oil fraud was already common in antiquity. Galen tells of unscrupulous oil merchants who mixed high-quality olive oil with cheaper substances like lard, and Apicius provides a recipe for turning cheap Spanish oil into prized oil from Istria using minced herbs and roots. The Greeks and the Romans used olive oil as food, soap, lotion, fuel for lamps and furnaces, a base for perfumes, and a cure for heart ailments, stomach aches, hair loss, and excessive perspiration. They also considered it a sacred substance; cult statues, like the effigy of Zeus at Olympia, were rubbed regularly with oil. People who bathed or exercised in Greek gymnasiums anointed their bodies as well, using oils that were scented with pressed flowers and roots. Some scholars link the central place of olive oil in Greek sports, which were performed in the nude, with the rise of bronze statuary in the sixth century B.C…

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Ok, Part 5 of the Dumpster Diaries: One step forward, two steps back… the back room AND upstairs kitchen today

I am just going to call this ‘part 5’, no point in getting OCD about it at this point…

As we were cleaning/tossing out/removing things from the back room, we realized that we had no place to put the clothes and dressers unless we cleaned out the upstairs kitchen… so he went upstairs and removed some of the bigger pieces of furniture. It’s still not empty upstairs, but it’s much better. We have a friend coming to haul the appliances away tomorrow (hopefully).

unnamed (61)

yeah, it’s looking trashed again… but it’s actually more organized than before

I know we’re making progress, but I cannot help but feel like we’re taking 2 steps back for every step forward.

unnamed (60)

Me: “Why haven’t you thrown away that old leather chair?!” R: “I didn’t know you wanted to throw it away” Yeaah- it’s ALL GOTTA GO!!

The back room is back to being a jumbled mess again. We emptied boxes, threw away at least 10 garbage bags worth of clothing from that room. I still have MORE CLOTHES to go through, believe it or not.

unnamed (58)

oh… THAT’S where this pair of Louboutins went… *sighs*

it's incredible what one can find in here

it’s incredible what one can find in here

The upstairs kitchen lost antique Hoosier cabinet things, plus a round oak table, and some vintage enameled kitchen tables. At some point R put some plastic shelves up. He is now thinking about buying one of those modular wire closet systems from Lowes, but I think it’s too early for that yet. I need to figure out what to do with all of my Fiesta ware (most of it vintage) and the rest of the actual kitchen stuff that I no longer use. At one time we used both kitchens- don’t ask me why.

unnamed (64)

the plastic shelf is new most of this crap needs to GO

unnamed (63)

SPILLING into my bedroom now, yikes.

unnamed (62)

view from my bed- the closet room transformation will take longer- but we need to focus on just getting a place to PUT our clothes so that we can renovate the back room

The most important part at this point is TO FILL THAT DUMPSTER UP. We need to throw away as much as we can-

unnamed (67)

going to have someone haul away the appliances

unnamed (66)

oh hey- Trixie, my dress dummy, and my vintage linens. On the floor is my old sewing machine. I have a new one still in the box somewhere.

unnamed (65)

part of my (mostly) vintage fiesta collection. I need to do something about this

We’ve decided to keep the dumpster for a few days longer, at least, to ensure everything gets tossed that needs to.

Laundry was started and I need to fold things, but am too tired to go down the flights of stairs to the basement to retrieve the clean things tonight. I am doing huge loads of whites and I probably should go to the store to find blue-ing (it makes yellowed linens a sparkling white), because I ran out.


The Messy Braid Tutorial That Rivals All


If you’re searching for a new take on your average messy braid, you can go ahead and close out that Pinterest tab. This easy tutorial gives you a tousled plait just like Blake Lively’s iconic look, and as an added bonus, shows you exactly how to use those dainty hair pins you have laying around. Yes, they do actually have a purpose in life.

Follow these 5 simple steps from Judy McGuinness, Senior Stylist at Mizu Salon in New York City, to get your messy braid and accessorize it, too.

MORE: Yes, Messy Buns Can Be Chic

Photo by Tom Medvedich; Graphic Design by Candace Napier Photo by Tom Medvedich; Graphic Design by Candace Napier

1. Create texture by teasing all your hair. Use a curling iron on random sections if you don’t already have some natural wave.


2. Gather hair into a high ponytail, leaving any imperfections. Leave out a half-inch section of hair and wrap it…

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