Pregnancy (and C-Section) After A Tummy Tuck… My Experience

13 yrs. ago, after having three sons via caesarian section, I decided to have a tummy tuck.  It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, even if it did leave me with a belly button that resembled a feline’s anus.

(I asked my doctor about this odd deformity- apparently TT weird navels happen.  I don’t know if that is true or not- was just true for me.)

Post 1st Tummy Tuck- couldn't find a less clothed photo

Post 1st Tummy Tuck- couldn’t find a less clothed photo

The tummy tuck removed about 2.5 lbs of stretch marked skin- that horrible saggy ‘apron’ that plagues an unlucky majority of us mothers.  I could see my bits and pieces with ease for the first time in over a decade.  I was elated to have a flat tum once more, even though the surgery ALSO raised the pubis a bit higher.  The result was to either shave it entirely or have a bush that rivaled ZZ TOP’s beards, growing higher than I remembered before the procedure.

I opted for the former.

Having a cat’s ass for a belly button and going entirely hairless were small prices to pay for washboard abs.  Besides, glorious ‘hip to hip’ bushes went out of vogue in the 1970s.  I was good with this.

When I found out that I was expecting Maisie, I started to worry about what it would do to my stomach.  Would it rip all the stitching out that kept my linea alba closed (the muscles that run down the center of the abdomen and stretch during pregnancy)?  Would I get more stretch marks?  Would the baby have room to grow?  Did I have ENOUGH SKIN LEFT on my belly to accommodate this growing fetus?!  WOULD I BURST OPEN LIKE AN OVERRIPE PEACH?!!?!?  What would it look like after the baby was born?

I was getting kind of anxious about it all (after the fact… didn’t really think much of it prior).

I googled and searched and YouTube’d everything I could find on the subject.  There wasn’t a lot about it online.

I asked my doctors if they’d performed c-sections on people who had previous tummy tucks- the initial group of doctors HADN’T and I was sent to maternal fetal medicine 45 minutes away.  The doctors there assured me that they had experience with previous TTs and all things calmed down… kinda.

The women on YouTube all looked like their stomachs were much flatter than the usual pregnant woman’s.  Their tummy tucks were considerably newer than mine, though.  A few, by the end of their pregnancies, acquired new horizontal stretch marks that radiated from their belly buttons.  Weeks after birth, some needed to redo their tummies, some didn’t.

about 6 or 7 months pregnant with Maisie.

about 6 or 7 months pregnant with Maisie.

Here’s what happened to me:

1.  At FIRST, I seemed much smaller in early pregnancy, but later my stomach became huge.  Some said I wasn’t as big as other preggo ladies, but I made up for it by having my breasts and derriere grow to rival a Kardashian’s.

2.  There was a bit more pain and stretching type soreness.  Not much more.  Enough to notice.

3.  I did NOT get any new stretch marks, even though I gained over 65 lbs!

4.  The diastasis recti, muscles down the center of my abdomen, stayed sewn shut.  NOTHING STRETCHED, my TT held wonderfully.

5.  I asked the doctors to make sure to ‘shut the barn door when they left, just like they found me’ and repair the TT after the c-section.  I am not quite sure what they had to do, but it took them a whopping HOUR AND A HALF to get me sewn back up.  If you’ve had prior c-sections, you know it almost never takes that long.

6.  My tummy was VERY puffy for months after.  I worried that my tummy tuck had somehow been stretched out or something.  After more weight loss and a few weeks of waist training (all the rage now), it was back to almost post-first-tummy tuck flat.  I am continuing to waist train now and am loving the results.

About a month ago, 2 weeks into waist training... weird navel and all!

About a month ago, 2 weeks into waist training… weird navel and all!

7.  My baby was born at week 37:  Maisie weighed a respectable 7 lbs 7 ounces and was 20 inches long.  She obviously had plenty of growing room.

A squalling Maisie, fresh out of the oven...

A squalling Maisie, fresh out of the oven…

Would I try for another baby after this?  Probably not.

I feel like I lucked out all around.  Having a baby at 45 is and was the most wonderful and terrifying experience.

I hope this helps others who are searching for info on babies after tummy tucks.  I wish more people would share their experiences, too.

19 thoughts on “Pregnancy (and C-Section) After A Tummy Tuck… My Experience

  1. Glad I read your story. I had a tummy tuck almost a year ago due to weight kid surgery and losing 205 lbs. I’ve also had 2 c-sections. Thought I was done but am thinking of another baby and I know it will have to be c-section. When I emailed my obgyn she said I would be a high risk pregnancy due to c-sections and abdominoplasty. So this gave me a little hope that it is possible

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  2. Thanks so much for this info! I’m planning a tummy tuck within the next 1-2 months! Mommy of 4! I have never been married not sure if my future might involve another child! This has given me so much more insight! Thanks and you look great

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  3. Thank you for sharing. You’re right, there is not much online about this. I wanted to know tho, was your last baby (after your TT), smaller than the first babies? I was thinking because we are so sewn tight, baby’s growth could be compromised.
    I’m 43, 28wks pregnant (small bump), had a full TT in 2005, my first child in 1994 came on time @ 9lbs13. Was your baby girl smaller than the rest?
    I gained 67lbs+ (I stopped counting at 38wks.


  4. Thanks for sharing and writing your blog. Beautiful baby. I’m pregnant now and worried because I have to find a dr. Who doesn’t “mind” doing a fourth csection and after tummy tuck. They say it’s high risk.


  5. Miss Maisie and Me
    Thank you for your post, so you remember how big was your belly at approx. 24 weeks???
    Also I read that the scar tissue of a tummy tuck can make an ultrasound not fit d the fetus, did you have any issues during your ultrasound seeing g Maisie??


  6. You are such an awesome person for sharing your raw experience that others are scared to talk about! I loved reading your story! Thanks for sharing it you look awesome by the way!!!! On a side note where is your swimsuit top from??? Love it!

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  7. Im so glad I came across your post. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant and I feel the same way you described your stretching pains. I also have sciatica pain in my lower back when I get up to the restroom at night. I’m very petite so this complicates pain…. on top of being a teacher. I feel hope after reading your post.


  8. Thank you for sharing your experience, I’m coming up 42 & just found out I’m pregnant again (my son is 13) I had a tummy tuck around 5/6yrs ago and along with the worry about being older and pregnant I was worried about how my tummy tuck may feel during pregnancy, if I’d have enough skin to stretch and create enough room for a baby. I feel much better about this particular worry after reading your blog. Thank you so much x


  9. Ive just had a emergency c section 6 days ago at 40 years old. 10 years after a tummy tuck after my 3rd child. My tummy is harder than normal after child birth and seems to be getting a little smaller everyday.
    How long did it take to go down and what period was it after did u start waist training ?
    I only put on 5kg and had a healthy 7.6lb baby boy

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