I’ve Given Birth To A 10 Month Old Foodie Who Demands Raw Green Onions, Persian Khoresht, And Crab Legs…


crab legs all over her little baby face and in her baby fist

Maisie is a foodie, I can already tell this now.  She has been demanding everything we eat since about 5 months.  So far, there is nothing she won’t eat (except juice and milk). She sneaks drinks of black coffee or tea out of my cup, if I am not looking.

Spicy curries, Persian kebab, Vietnamese pho?  NOM NOM NOM will be her answer.

home made pho for mommy

home made pho for mommy

Pho for Maisie

Pho for Maisie

“Hey, where’s my pho?!”


Garlic Okra Pickles?  MORE PLEASE!!

Crab legs?:  Don’t take her to an all-you-can-eat crab leg buffet, they WILL charge you!

Strawberries and raw green onions from the garden:  GOBBLES them up.


Unless it’s the odd organic veggie/fruit pouch or some baby cereal (rarely), she eats what we eat- in amounts that are astonishing.  She’s been clocking in between 25th-50th percentile for weight- and OFF THE CHARTS in height, consistently.

If I gave her avocado toast every morning, she'd be happy.

If I gave her avocado toast every morning, she’d be happy.

Today’s Breakfast Menu:

Eggs Scrambled with Dill
Sliced Tomatoes
Medjool Dates
Avocado Mashed w/Sriracha, S & P- on toast.
Water (because she seems to dislike juice and milk.  Getting her to drink her bottles is a chore)

Spaghetti, with a side of kale salad

Spaghetti, with a side of kale salad

I generally make enough to feed her, plus enough to throw on her table so she can ‘feed’ herself.  She is 10 months old, so her self-feeding skills are not quite spectacular, but our 3 Newfoundland dogs appreciate her technique.

Make no mistake- these are HER dogs.

Make no mistake- these are HER dogs.

Maisie with 2 outta 3 of our Newfoundlands

Maisie with 2 outta 3 of our Newfoundlands


I often wonder if she eats such a varied (and highly spiced) menu because that is what I ate during gestation and breast feeding.  I was RAW VEGAN and juicing prior to becoming pregnant (and during the first month).  I developed an insatiable craving for avocados straight away.  THAT led to a sudden and urgent need for chicken wings, which I despised pre-pregnancy.  Those chicken wings were the death knell to my healthy vegan lifestyle…

I feed her solids 3-4 times a day, not including her bottle feedings.  I am no longer breast feeding because I had issues with milk production due to an earlier breast lift and reduction years ago.

nomm... chicken...

oooh… chicken…

I am thankful that she has no food issues- I went through TWO picky eaters, my middle and youngest son.  My eldest boy was exactly like Maisie in terms of ‘foodiness’.  By the time he was two, Sam was leafing through magazines and asking me to cook him ‘magazine food’.

What IS a first for me is that she’s not overweight.  I thank my lucky stars that she did not seem to inherit my metabolism.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Given Birth To A 10 Month Old Foodie Who Demands Raw Green Onions, Persian Khoresht, And Crab Legs…

  1. I enjoyed reading about your little Miss Maisie. My granddaughter is named Maisie Pearl. She will be two August 20, 2015. He name suits her. Her middle name is also mine. She loves eating her veggies and good food and is rarely given cookies or sweet snacks. She loves playing outside. What is your Maisie’s middle name. Ours has blonde hair and blue eyes like her Dada!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww! Yours is the first other Maisie I’ve ever ‘talked’ to! Our baby was born 10 Sept 2014 🙂 Her actual full name is Maya Scarlett Emmaline and “Maisie” is her nickname based on her initials M.S.E.

      I love your Maisie Pearl’s name!


  2. woah! Maisie eats well unlike other bubs who are so hard to feed because they’d just throw everything away! She’s a baby vegetarian 🙂

    I read somewhere that whatever a preggo eats from her 5th month of pregnancy gets into her system and flavours the amniotic fluid that her baby drinks. To summarize, what mom eats gets introduced to baby as early as fetal phase.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had 2 who were ‘foodies’ and 2 who were picky… and it IS true- my food cravings totally influenced their eating choices as they grew!

      With my picky sons, I craved burgers and cheesecake- guess what? they had awful diets til they grew up. Now they are more adventurous.

      Maisie is a total omnivore, she will eat anything- anything. I am so glad I started out vegetarian with her pregnancy (and even glad I craved crab and chicken later on)…

      ALL of my kids were fed by kamay (subo), which is hilarious because they had to actually learn how to eat American style by the time they went to school- SO much easier.

      Liked by 1 person

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