1970s Retro Lips Smacker Review

they come in 3 packs- this one is Dr Pepper, A & W Root Beer, and 7-Up flavored.

When I was a child, long ago in the late 1970s, Lip Smackers lip glosses were all the rage.  Girls my age showed off their different flavors, wielding tubes of the stuff that resembled a fat glue stick.  I remember my dad disapproved of me wearing them back then, because ‘they were too much like lipstick’!

I found these in the drugstore and was catapulted back to my childhood, so I bought them.

They are much smaller than I remembered them being- and the flavor is less ‘realistic’. It’s a nice lip balm, though.  Like the originals, they provide no color, just gloss and a faint waxy flavor.  It didn’t particularly smell nor taste of “Dr. Pepper” or any of the other flavors.

How many of you over 40s remember the originals?

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