The Beauty of a Woman over 40

Gorgeous post

Mijikai Ero Kakikomi

beauty woman over 40

This appeared on Facebook in Spanish, originally attributed to Colombian writer Santiago Gamboa., this is a loose translation.  He has written similar articles in Spanish, but I have not been able to find the original one from a trusted source, anyhow, here it is.


The Women from my generation are the best. No doubt about it.  Today they are around 40 or even 50 something, and they are beautiful, very beautiful, but also serene, understanding, wise, and over all, devilishly seductive, even with their incipient wrinkles around the eyes or that  affectionate cellulite that command their thighs, but that make them so human, so real.

Beautifully real.

Almost all of them are married or divorced, or divorced and married again, with the idea of not getting it wrong the second time, and sometimes they are approaching the third attempt, or the fourth. It doesn’t matter.

Others, but a few…

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