Alert To Mommies!!

this is VERY good to know and I am so glad I stumbled upon this post.

Maisie thinks anything green is potentially ‘salad’.

The Sugar Orchid

So I was watching Castle, enjoying a good glass of wine and some Raffaelos, while browsing Facebook and answering emails… (I tend to multitask like crazy)…. when something caught my eye.

When a mother reads “Kill” and “child” in the same sentence, red flags alert my instincts, So this post on Facebook got me alerted. Whether it’s true or not, when it comes to your kids, every mother would rather be safe than sorry.

Since my children, or at least my youngest (oldest one finally out grew it) put anything in her mouth, I thought a deadly house plant is definitely something I should read up on. This is what the plant looks like (clicking the image will take you to the article I read).


I had to double check and do some research (image takes to further information about this plant)


I was glad to learn that this…

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