This unknown exercise hack may change the way you work out, science says.


I don’t know if I could do it.  It looks like a blood clot waiting to happen to me.

Is it healthful?

Occlusion training:

Occlusion training – doing weights with blown up blood pressure cuffs around your limbs – is set to blow (you) up, science says. Yes, scientific studies are analysing whether cutting off the blood flow to the muscles during resistance training may make you: (men) more ripped, rugged and ravishing; (ladies) more sexy, shaped and seductive! So, does it? Or are you looking like a dickhead – that’s Australian for idiot – in the gym for no real reason? Let us examine, scientists!


Why would I even occlusion train?

Before I confirm whether you are, in fact, looking like a DH for no reason, let me answer the more pressing question: why would you EVEN occlusion train?  Great question! Well, the cuff aims to partially cut off the blood going from the heart to the muscle via the arteries and to a greater degree, blood returning form the muscles to…

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