5 Quick & Easy Exercises for the Mom on the Run

great tips that I need to follow…

Cher, bébé

It’s no secret that carrying a child does a number on your body. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with having our old body back after the bundle of joy makes that grand entrance. Most of us have to accept the #mombod. For me, I gained a ton of weight….More weight than I am comfortable with to be honest. I lost more than half within the first couple of weeks after delivery, but I had a good bit left before I could get back to pre-baby weight.

For the first few months after the little arrives, life is well…. chaotic to put it nicely- diapers, bottles, sleepless nights, cranky babies- all of it can frazzle you to no end. But, all the craziness does come to an end and eventually you do start to think about yourself and YOUR wants once again.

I became a single mom when my…

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