More than 1150 words you need to know about mascara.

I liked this mascara tips blog post a lot 🙂


Just like other women out there, I am also a great fan of Barbie doll since from my childhood days to right now and the first thing that anyone could ideally figure it out when you look keenly onto the Barbie doll is the fluttering eye lashes that opens up and closes with delight and glee when you move and wiggle around the doll and as a typical pinky girl, I can’t deny the fact that I always wanted the same fluttering sensation to my lashes too and hence, with much of anticipation, today I will be strolling you on a globetrotting journey to find out a sensible way to achieve the fuller looking eye lashes as a mere comparison of Barbie doll lashes.

Talking tales about mascara:

As we all know Hollywood plays a humongous part when it comes to either makeup or eye makeup and also, the professional artists over…

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