The Love/Hate Tag!


I was nominated for the Love/Hate Tag today by Claire Elsely and am still such a noob at this (and groggy from staying up all night with baby) that I had to search for what it meant lol!

I love lists and I love being tagged (my ocd bits enjoy listing and blogging things), so here goes:


List ten things you love and ten things you hate.
Nominate ten people to do the same.


  1. Family– Numero Uno.  Genealogy and DNA genealogy are also super faves of mine.
  2. FOOD – eating/cooking/food history/reading food blogs/recipes/going out to restaurants- you name it!
  3. The Internet – I’m not going to lie, I’m an Internet addict.
  4. Beauty Products – another lifelong thing…
  5. Reading – books, the Internet, other blogs, labels on cleaning products… whatever.  Yeah, I’m weird.
  6. Buying baby girl fashions– this one is a new thing.  Maisie is my first girl and I have long since lost interest in fashion for myself. I am surprised at how happy it makes me!
  7. When People Are Kind To Others– There is so much ugliness out there, I love seeing this in action.
  8. Honesty – I try to keep it real and respect it when others do too.
  9. Health Freakiness – I am not always healthy, but I am always ASPIRING to be.
  10. Gardening – I love growing my own food on my small city lot.  Working in the dirt is one of my favorite pastimes.


  1. Liars – no time for this bullsh*t
  2. Mean People– see reason ^^ above.
  3. Salmon – one of the few things I won’t eat
  4. A messy house – even though I am one of the most disorganized people I know, I detest it.
  5. Doing dishes – I am fine with cooking, but the washing up is another person’s job.
  6. Snow/Winter – I live in Michigan and am NOT a fan of our winters.
  7. Arrogance – falls under ‘no time for this bullsh*t’ comment
  8. Stress – Self-explanatory
  9. Chronic illnesses – I have some and dislike it.
  10. Diets – because it seems like I have been on one or another my entire life.


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