10 Ways We All Suffer In The Name Of Beauty


Ever hear of the saying pain is beauty? Sometimes, that saying is all too true. We’re pretty serious when it comes to our beauty game, and on a scale of one to ten the below routine activities are what we do in the name of vanity, and are (sadly) the ways we all suffer for beauty again and again (and again).

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1. Those of us who brave an eyelash curler on the daily will suffer from the occasional pinch. Not terribly serious, as far as injuries go— but surprising, painful, and definitely an off-putting way to start the day.

koolaid226.tumblr.com koolaid226.tumblr.com

2. Our eyes take a lot of abuse, cosmetically speaking. Ever speed-brush your mascara only to hit a road bump otherwise known  as your EYEBALL? The agony.

fashionkilla-tia.tumblr.com fashionkilla-tia.tumblr.com

3. The stages of hair removal are varied and diverse. Threading feels a bit like…

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