My manny of 6 months leaves tomorrow.

Yes, I had a manny…

He was in Maisie’s life from January (4 months old) til now (10 months). It’s going to be a huge transition with him leaving (for Florida). The poor thing already knows something’s wrong and has been super clingy. The good thing is that she may start using English more. She was speaking his language mostly (Persian)… and with a perfect accent.

I loved having him around- I got to sleep in and they breakfasted together every morning after I’d bring her down. It was to the point where she preferred to eat from him (though I cooked mostly) instead of me. He liked to have long, leisurely meals that lasted about an hour. He is a huge jibber-jabber talky person and she enjoyed that.

I hope this transition goes as smoothly as it can. She really loved him.

I also hope I can pick up the slack properly. All that leisure made me soft and lazy.

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