The Best Places to Buy Korean Beauty Products In The US

They forgot to mention eBay and Amazon.


Those of us who have jumped onto the Korean beauty trend (and poured hard-earned dollars into it) understand that the East Asian beauty influence is a total game changer—particularly in the skin care field. If your medicine cabinet is filled with toy-like figurines containing face masks, lotions and powders, you’re deep in the game. The only downside to this K-beauty addiction? Getting your fix.

You can find lots of your favorite products on Amazon or eBay at really reasonable and competitive prices, but the catch is that it’s hard to tell if the product is genuine, and it takes forever to get to your door since they ship from, well, Asia. Bookmark this handy list of all the places to buy K-beauty goods with US distributors so you can stock up on everything you love, ASAP.

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