Why Do We Prefer Pink and Red Candy?


[Marcia] Mogelonsky speculated that red was nonthreatening and lacked the acidic quality that can turn people off lemons and other citruses. But it’s not only that. The importance of the color red, sometimes over or in place of specific flavors, is notable. What is fruit punch, when you think about it, but a generic, noncommittal red flavor that doesn’t even bother to associate itself with a specific fruit?

Confection and dessert companies are certainly aware of the power of red. “For our brand, red is a magical color,” said Nick Soukas, who oversees ice cream products at Unilever, the owner of Popsicle. Soukas said the impulse to create a red-only line of ice pops came not from scientific data but from customer feedback via the company’s phone lines and social media accounts. “Actually for a long time consumers had been saying that they are looking for a pack that has…

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