Quick and Easy Make Up Brush Cleaning

I am reblogging this so that I can come back later and buy this product

Hey Internet Friends,

Every beauty addicts nightmare is being all excited to try a new make up look and finding your brushes too be a bit dirty and in need of a good clean.
So whats a quick and easy way to spruce them up without too much effort so you can get on with whats important, making yourself feel Great!

This process literally takes 2 minutes.

I found this amazing product whilst browsing around my local superdrug and it has literally changed my life!
Link below as always 🙂
Step 1.
DSC00798Using this amazing product spray all your brushes and leave to soak for around 30 seconds.

Step 2. Rinse!

Step 3.
DSC00804Take your favourite beautiful smelly soap, I am using The Body Shop Olive Soap for this as I think it smells Divine!
take your brush and massage the bristles into the soap for about another 30 seconds.

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7 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Make Up Brush Cleaning

  1. I hope the makeup brush cleaner is not loaded with nasty chemicals. I read the original post and what I like about this is she still rinsed the product after using the makeup brush cleaner. A year ago someone suggested I use this particular “instant” brush cleaner and I followed the instructions on the label. It smelled like chemical, but I still used it anyway. To my horror, after a few minutes, the part of the wand that was exposed to liquid got damaged discoloured! Ever since then I went back to cleansing and rinsing my brushes with a facial wash 😀 I’m not sure that’s a good idea but I don’t get zits with my brushes. 😀

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