Fact: Having More Friends in Your 20’s Can Make You Live Longer

I had a ton of wonderful friends in my 20s, but most of them have died in the last 5-6 yrs and I find myself making new friends now- who are IN THEIR 20s mostly- SO WEIRD!


2015 Billboard Music AwardsPhoto: WENN

Here’s some good news for Taylor Swift and her squad today: New research reveals that having strong friendships in your 20s can actually help you to live longer.

The 30-year study from the University of Rochester found that having more social interactions throughout your third decade of life is important to health later on, while in your 30s it is the quality of friendship that contributes to a longer life.

Researchers explained that frequent social interactions at age 20 are key to help us to figure out who we are. “It’s often around this age that we meet people from diverse backgrounds, with opinions and values that are different from our own, and we learn how to best manage those differences,” the study’s lead author Cheryl Carmichael said.

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However, at age 30, the study participants who had intimate, high-quality friendships reported the highest…

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