How to Shop For the Perfect Vintage Levi’s: A Complete Guide


Bandana_Belt-Striped_Sweatshirt-Levis_Vintage-Red_Sandals-Outfit-Chloe_Drew_Bag-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-54-790x527 Photo: Collage Vintage

If you’re like me and prefer the ultra butt-flattering, high-waisted, stiff denim of vintage Levi’s over the stretchy skinny stuff of contemporary jeans, you’ve probably asked yourself many of the same questions I’ve had: What are the best styles to look for? What’s the hell is up with the weird sizing? How do I make them look good and not awkward? Where can I buy these sweet puppies?!

As with any type of vintage shopping endeavor, searching for the right kind of decades-old pair of Levi’s comes with the territory of careful inspection and tons of try-ons (for pete’s sake, try on as many vintage Levi’s as possible).

But there are also a few shopping tricks to keep in your back pocket to help you navigate this world of particularly iconic denim. Ahead, we break down the four must-know essentials before purchasing a pair of these Americana…

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