Dumpster Diaries: Game Plan Today- Less Stress, More Organization- ORGANIZATION IDEAS/COMMENTS NEEDED PLEAAASEEE!

  Now that we have 20 more days of dumpster rental (the company offered to extend it for 5 bucks a day- I couldn’t say no), work can go at a much easier pace. This takes a TON of stress off my shoulders. R goes back to work tomorrow and I will not have a lot of help until he is off again next Weds.

We haven’t done anything yet. I was able to have my coffee and relax a bit without a panic attack for once. I haven’t done any grocery shopping in over a week, which also needs to be done at some point today.

Today, we will be focusing on the GARAGE (which is ALSO full to the gills- lots of flooring in there that needs to go), back room, upstairs kitchen, and laundry.

C will be throwing the flooring in the garage out. R wants to focus on moving the furniture from the upstairs kitchen downstairs (and some of the antiques are going into my dad’s antique shop). He also wants to haul dressers UPSTAIRS. I want to get some of this laundry off my kitchen floor.

While R is working this week, we will be doing massive amounts of laundry/folding. I want to empty all the cupboard in the upstairs kitchen (it’s currently packed with teas I haven’t seen in years) and wash them all down. I need to find a place to store the Fiesta ware.

I am still not organized in my game plan, but that’s a start. If anyone out there has better ideas, please PLEASE LET ME KNOW- leave me a comment.

I WELCOME any input. My adhd is not good at stuff like this.

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