eBay Find: Oversized Cats Eye Sunglasses Review

#biglipsdontcare feeling kind of 1980s today

#biglipsdontcare feeling kind of 1980s today

Bought these cute cute oversized cats eye sunglasses on eBay and they’re AMAZING. Heavy as my expensive Gucci and other ‘real’ designer glasses- and are UNDER $10 BUCKS!

Perfectly cute chic specs that won’t break the bank and- this is important if you have a toddler- won’t be a heartbreak when your kid breaks them or you sit on them accidentally.

I loved them so much, I bought some for my mom and friends.



photo by Kitty Lee Photography We turned our backs for a MOMENT and she whipped off her bottoms!

photo by Kitty Lee Photography
We turned our backs for a MOMENT and she whipped off her bottoms!

EVERYONE has innocent baby photos.

I am NOT GOING TO FEAR stupid fucktards with fetishes. Period.

I cannot control what people do. If I posted photos of feet/toes/q-tips/MY FACE/smoking cigarettes, I can GUARANTEE you that SOMEONE will have a fetish for it.

You cannot live your lives in fear. I am not scared of this- so you anxious people out there, chill… or at least chill when it comes to ME, because I have my own beliefs.


Quick Mini Photo Update: Photoshoot went well today… then I dropped my iPhone in the baby’s bath water

photo by Kitty Lee Photography We turned our backs for a MOMENT and she whipped off her bottoms!

photo by Kitty Lee Photography
We turned our backs for a MOMENT and she whipped off her bottoms!

11891871_10153279678079024_3052875602311655613_o tre wsa steqw steweMaisie had a TON of temporary tattoos applied, to match Claire’s from Claire Lush Designs. It was ghastly trying to remove them after. The actual photos (not the ones above, those are from my phone) were done by Kitty Lee Photography.

She wore a cute little bikini from Babi-kini.

I will post more photos of the behind the scenes later- ended up dropping my iPhone in the bath tub and now I am semi-crippled from technology.


Maisie is a garlic pasta addict- and ended up with linguine up her nose, which scared the shit out of us. #notatapeworm

all she wants to eat is carbonara or garlic pasta with clam sauce.

I made cereal and yogurt and fruit for breakie and she asked for “Passa!”

Here is a video of the child today:

So, we were on porch an hour ago with my parents and dad saw something coming out of her nose

Dad: “What’s that in her nose?!”

I went to investigate and ended up pulling out a 3 inch length of linguine… all the while we all were kinda freaking out.

It looked like a bloody tape worm!!


UPDATES: Been sidetracked due to this back of mine… Plus I HATE medication/introspection/thinking too much.

It’s disheartening to lose momentum for me. It really is.

The valium they prescribed is making me a bit introspective and slightly depressed- I know it’s the meds and not me per se.

Being forced to sit/lay on one’s ass when I have deadlines is not my thing at all. Being in pain is also not an option.

I’ve thought about things I haven’t thought about in decades this week. I’ve come face-to-face with the fact that I’ve let my supplements slide that control my lupus flares (high dose vitamin d3). Completely my fault.

I still have to finish the dining room and remove more clothes from the back room. I have school clothes to buy for the boy. I have the 2 youngest kids’ birthdays and my father’s in 2 weeks. I have a houseguest arriving on Tuesday for a two week stay. I have Maisie’s actual big to-do party on the 19th. My mother leaves for Manila on the 21st, so there’s that, too…

I’m freaking out.

I also have clients asking for readings, which isn’t happening, folks. Wait til October, please.



Here is a video from my Instagram- she took her first steps at my friend’s store!

11.5 months old ūüôā


beach shoot rained out today-

changed it to tomorrow, which is awesome because I am so tired and my thighs are screaming from pain because my Cross Fit Trainer cousin made me do squats 2 days ago while we drank vodka.

Did I mention that I rarely drink?!
Note to self: No more exercising while drinking vodka with my insanely awesome girl cousins