Makeup Color-Blocking: Shadow and Liner Pairs That Are a Match Made In Heaven

this is SO Eighties, I don’t think I could do this…


Nude shadow might be an easy quick-fix, but there’s no reason to ignore all those vibrant colors in your palette. With everyone from Emma Stone to Kendall Jenner wearing bright eye shadow and liner, there’s no doubt that punchy makeup colors are in this season. But to really get ahead of the trend, you’ll want to conquer wearing colorful shadows and liners together, to ensure that your eyes truly pop. There’s no faster way to look wide awake than with bright liner – as long as you know how to pair it.

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BLUEBest Shades for Blue Shadow
Once you’ve got you blending down, blue shadow will be one of the most useful colors in your palette. There’s actually quite a few complementary liner options, too. “I love an iridescent color,” says Jessica Scantlin, Blushington, Lead Celebrity Makeup Artist. “There is…

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