When I’m Gone

I am crying my eyes out from reading this… omg.

I am sharing this because it’s beautiful. And sad. and and and and…

When I was a little girl, maybe 7 yrs, sometime in the mid-1970s, I snuck out to the living room after everyone had gone to sleep to watch tv late at night. Back then there were only 3 channels on the telly and no cable tv.

There was a sappy television movie playing that made me cry like this post- even though I was so young- called “Letters to My Unborn Daughter” or something like that. In the movie, this young pregnant woman discovers she has some fatal disease and won’t live beyond the birth or something, so she pens these letters like this dad did. It showed the daughter reading the letters and flashbacks of the mother, if I am recalling it properly.

That movie haunted me for years.

Having a little girl so late in life, things like this really hit home/scare me/make me cry/give me the feels.


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