Has anyone out there tried Morphe makeup palettes?



I keep seeing great reviews about this inexpensive pro makeup company, Morphe.

People have been raving about their eye shadows- apparently, their pigments are strong and they blend nicely.

I took a gander on their site and the prices are incredible~ http://morphebrushes.com/collections/pro-makeup-palettes

Have you tried Morphe and what do you think of them?

11 thoughts on “Has anyone out there tried Morphe makeup palettes?

  1. I have the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette which was a limited edition. But I love it a lot! It really is pigmented, one of them left a stain on my eye but i dont think I properly primed because I was just testing it out. But overall I love them because they are very pigmented and they are affordable and last a long time! I recommend either trying one palette or just pans.

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    • a makeup artist friend of mine who worked for Mac used these and I was shocked about how intense the pigments were. I need to buy these.

      Someone also mentioned the Elite brushes were incredible.


  2. I haven’t tried it and have been contemplating between their palettes and Makeup Geek’s who is also having a sale on her shadows. But at Morphe’s incredible prices you can’t really go wrong, can you?

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