Elle MacPherson’s Food and Fitness Diary (This Is Why She Looks So Damn Good)

So gorgeous at 51!


Elle-MacpheresonPhoto: Welleco

If we were to name the women we wished we looked like, Elle MacPherson would undoubtedly top the list: Even at 51 years old, her superhuman beauty—and that body—rivals most models half her age. So it’s a given that we (and, probably, the rest of the female population) are dying to know what she’s doing that we’re not. We know genes are half the battle, but there’s got to be a few wellness tricks up the supermodel and health guru’s sleeve, right?

To find out, we chatted with Elle and uncovered the secrets that keep her looking so amazing. She explained why she doesn’t “work out” (though she does stay active), what she eats on a daily basis, and the benefits of her health supplement that’s been getting tons of buzz. Keep reading for some seriously inspirational health talk.

I start an average day by… Drinking 500 milliliters (about 16 ounces) of room temperature water every day upon waking up. This…

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