What You Need to Know About Soybean Oil—and How It’s Sabotaging Your Diet


Soybeans on spoon Michael Grayson/Getty

We’ve heard time and time again that sugar—in any form—is the enemy when it comes to health and weight-loss. But it turns out that there might be something just a bit worse for us: soybean oil.

Soybean represents 60 percent of oils used in food today (truly!) and a recent study—in mice—found that a soybean oil-enriched diet caused nearly 25 percent more weight gain than a coconut oil-enriched diet. It also caused nine percent more weight gain than a fructose-enriched diet (which is the sugar found in fruits). To boot, mice that were fed the soybean diet also had liver issues and a higher insulin resistance. Basically, it’s bad news all around.

So, what to do with this (kinda scary) new info? We turned to the experts for their insight on why soybean oil should be avoided and how to be sure you don’t eat it.


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