Vintage Pink Depression Glass and Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies


yummy homemade peanut butter cookies on a pretty garage sale depression glass plate

I actually have a ton of Dumpster Diary posts I am working on, because we’ve been SO busy with the back room and upstairs kitchen into closet redo, but I have yet to finish them. I’ve been way too tired til now to even blog. I am taking a wee break right now while baby sleeps to catch my breath and check my email, so I decided to post.

The other day my mom and I went to some rummage sales. I found a GORGEOUS circa. 1935-1938 Pink Depression Glass plate in perfect shape for $3! It was in the Princess pattern by Hocking. I usually don’t go for glassware of any sort (even my drinking glasses are utilitarian antique Mason Ball jars from my parents’ barn), but it was so pretty. I could definitely see cookies on it in my mind’s eye. Yeah, I know I don’t need more STUFF, but I needed a break for a few hours from this house.

C and I made/froze peanut butter cookie dough the day the stove went off. The recipe was amazing- you can find it HERE. They tasted like bakery cookies and were so easy to make.

Anyway, that’s my post and my pic… back to work for me now!

5 thoughts on “Vintage Pink Depression Glass and Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies

    • seriously, I threw out stuff people yelled at me for doing- they went through my dumpster (I Have SO MANY DUMPSTER DIVERS) and actually said I was being insane to throw so much away.

      It doesn’t even make a dent… nada.

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      • Your mom will kill you if she sees all the stuff you’ve thrown. Fil-moms are treasure hunters, you know? I always tease my mom that she’s a “basurera” and when she takes something from trash, I throw it again the second she turns her back. Lol

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