UPDATES: Been sidetracked due to this back of mine… Plus I HATE medication/introspection/thinking too much.

It’s disheartening to lose momentum for me. It really is.

The valium they prescribed is making me a bit introspective and slightly depressed- I know it’s the meds and not me per se.

Being forced to sit/lay on one’s ass when I have deadlines is not my thing at all. Being in pain is also not an option.

I’ve thought about things I haven’t thought about in decades this week. I’ve come face-to-face with the fact that I’ve let my supplements slide that control my lupus flares (high dose vitamin d3). Completely my fault.

I still have to finish the dining room and remove more clothes from the back room. I have school clothes to buy for the boy. I have the 2 youngest kids’ birthdays and my father’s in 2 weeks. I have a houseguest arriving on Tuesday for a two week stay. I have Maisie’s actual big to-do party on the 19th. My mother leaves for Manila on the 21st, so there’s that, too…

I’m freaking out.

I also have clients asking for readings, which isn’t happening, folks. Wait til October, please.

2 thoughts on “UPDATES: Been sidetracked due to this back of mine… Plus I HATE medication/introspection/thinking too much.

  1. OMG . I didn’t know you had Lupus too! I hope you feel better soon. Flares are AWFUL. I’ve been almost a year without one and that’s absolutely fine with me. Hang in there, all will settle soon. #Ihaveittoo ūüôā

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    • I went to the University of Michigan specialists and they suggested high dose vitamin d3- I take 10k ius a day if I feel well, 20k a day if I’m feeling icky- and no flares.

      I forgot to take my d3 while doing this house a few times- and this is what the result is.

      Glad you’ve gone a year without a flare! they SUCKKKKKKK…. xoxo


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