Tuesday I will have my first back procedure… and school starts for C

I’ve been having issues with tail bone and lower back pain, both of which have prevented me from doing any of my workouts- or even SITTING for any length of time.

Tomorrow I will be having my first (of 2) procedures on my back. I am hoping that it gives me some relief for a while. The second procedure is on the 14th, for my lower back. I am a little nervous about these.

C also starts 10th grade on Tuesday- which is my dad’s birthday. I have to rush to get presents, cake, back done, kid off to school on that day.

I will finish up my Dumpster Diaries post soon… everything is pretty much done, except the art hasn’t arrived from Thailand yet.

I am SOOO tired and SO burned out.

Jeff (who is up here from Texas) extended his visit for another week, because I have my second back procedure at Paw Paw hospital on the 14th and there was no one available to drive me to/from the hospital. Sam was iffy about it and maybe can watch Maisie for me- and Jay said ‘he had to check his schedule’ (which means ‘no’). R has to work and has no more days off left (vacation days).
Connor is such a good boy. When I told him that his dad offered to stay, he actually went and thanked him and said ‘if I had my permit, I would have done it myself- thank you so much, Dad’.

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