Update: Haven’t been posting because I am not feeling well. Seeing doctor tonight.


I have had a weird period this month, almost 30 days of bright red (mostly) blood and clots.

This last week I’ve been dizzy, even when lying down. Have a headache and very tired and shaky. Taking liquid iron supplements for the last 3 days (plus vitamin c) has helped.

Both my gyno and regular doc are on or going on maternity leave. I don’t see a gynecologist until 10 Nov.

My friend urged me to call my regular doc and now my doc wants to see me at 7:15 pm tonight.

Hoping everything is ok.


Maisie’s 1st Chestnut Gathering Time At Papa’s Farm!

freshly gathered chestnuts!

I haven’t been posting much lately because Maisie’s going through major teething PLUS my iPhone app for WordPress had been on the fritz. I couldn’t post photos without having it crash- but I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and now I’m back in business!

my ‘chestnut can’, which is basically a tin can attached to a long stick, so that you don’t have to bend to pick them up. Next to it is the hedgehog porcupine chestnut burr filled with chestnuts

baskets filled with chestnuts

My dad has a farm about 14 miles away from our house. Every fall, the chestnut trees drop their prickly balls filled with nuts. Picking them from the ground has to happen DAILY for about 2 weeks, or the deer/dogs/other critters will eat them all up. It’s hell on the back, so we use these cans attached to long sticks to retrieve them.

My father is selling them this year for $4.00/lb. If anyone wants any, let me know. I can send them via USPS flat rate priority boxes.

Maisie exploring at my dad’s farm

Maisie had a fantastic time running after my dad’s Aussie, Trooper, and playing in the grass. I worried about her pricking her hands on the sharp chestnut burrs. By the end of the day, we were ALL exhausted from picking and chasing after this child.

my father’s dog, Trooper, running to greet Maisie.

Maisie following Trooper out to where the men are gathering chestnuts

she spots them and starts running toward the trees






Maisie’s 1 Yr Photoshoot Pics By Kitty Lee Photography

I have been neglecting this blog due to baby teething and lack of sleep, mostly.

These photos were taken a month ago by Kitty Lee Photography. Kitty’s been photographing Maisie ever since she was 9 days old. We love Kitty SO much!

During this shoot, Maisie screamed and cried the entire time- until the end, when Kitty’s hubby gave her flowers. My parents came with and were hilariously trying to calm her down, too.

She was terrified of the antique parasol and the BALLOON… but she was ok playing with the kids’ AK-47 and scooters.

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