started yoga 2 days ago

I have been slowwwwly trying to strengthen my core and back muscles again since my back procedure. I am not a fan of pain pills, even if my doctor like to prescribe them to me like peanuts.

No thank you.

Started yoga 2 days ago- the first day I was only able to do 12 minutes! My body was SO stiff!
Tonight I was able to complete 20 minutes, with a toddler crawling over and UNDER me.

My back (knock wood) feels FANTASTIC even with the little bit I’ve been doing. It’s encouraging me to add a morning session to my practice. I am hoping to be able to eventually be able to do Buti Yoga when I am strong enough.

I have Comcast, so I ordered a monthly subscription to Gaiam TV, which gives you loads of yoga/workout videos to use.

I also have a gym membership that I paid a year in advance (for the entire family). I don’t use it, because I have no one to watch the baby when I go. It’s open 24 hours, but by the time someone is home to watch Maisie, the last thing I want to do is drive across town to go to the gym.

Working out at home appeals to me.


Some Pictorial Instagram Highlights from Our Month Away From Blog (lots of photos)…

I am seriously lazy right now and supposed to be cleaning the upstairs. I let a lot go to seed when I was recovering from my illness. I dusted and cleaned for about thirty minutes this afternoon- and now I have to try to get the Maisie to go down for her nap.

I’ve gone most vegetarian since my kidney infection- and I’ve upped my water intake. We have cut out red meat almost entirely (the others in my house still eat it).

This was Maisie’s breakfast today- Filipino Adobo Fried Rice, with a fried egg and sriracha

Maisie had photos done with her brothers in early October:

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All of my children in one photo #love #kittyleephotography #family

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She wore lots of cute outfits:

We went to visit my late grandparents’ house, it is now a law office:

me, on same staircase, as a baby:

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Me at the same age #nostalgia #sweet #family #memories

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We got dressed up for Halloween Trick or Treating:

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It's healing nicely #happyhalloween

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My little giraffe #happyhalloween

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We experienced unseasonably warm “Indian Summer” temps here in Michigan (in November!):

She went to her first art gallery show with Mommy and Daddy (and brother and Papa):

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Taking Maisie to her first art gallery show #momlife #memories

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Maisie's daddy

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Sorry I’ve not been posting in weeks… updates- and why I’d prefer Universal Healthcare. Bernie Sanders has my vote.

Had a raging kidney infection that must have gone on for a LONG time… I had to ask my doctor for a urinalysis. They kept insisting it was simply ‘referred pain’ from my back procedure.

To add more to the mix, I had my menstrual period for a month and a half. Had an ovarian cancer blood test- need to take the DNA Colors test for more genetic mutations related to breast and ovarian/uterine cancer. Apparently, they’ve discovered MORE mutations, other than BRCA1 and BRCA2 that can indicate this. It’s $250.00 out of pocket.

Next week I have a uterine biopsy. Fun.

These medical bills are KILLING ME. I pay for my own health insurance for my family, because I am self-employed. Currently I pay over $650 per month… after my back procedure, I was shocked to find out that my insurance covered only $880.00, I still owe $2200. The deductible for this is $13,500. My year to date totals are $12,000! This is INSANE.

I changed my insurance for January- I will be paying $1360 a month for insurance and only have to pay 10% of each charge.

Needless to say, I would much prefer socialized medicine. I had it when I lived overseas and I had it when I lived in Canada. People should not have to go bankrupt because of their health. Universal Healthcare should be a RIGHT, not a privilege.

Low income people with free state medical insurance have it better than my fancy-schmancy crap that I pay for!

Seriously, I am scared to go to the doctor now. The holidays are coming up and I want to be able to afford a nice one for the family and not have all my extra cash go to medical expenses.

The middle class is getting SCREWED.

That being said, I am ‘feeling the Bern’ for Bernie Sanders.