New Obsession: Lularoe Leggings

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw a photo of my cousin and her youngest baby- and my cousin was wearing what looked like really high end, comfy leggings.

I asked her what brand they were- Lularoe.com.

I have a hard time finding leggings that fit properly and wear well. I require things that don’t slip and sag by the end of the day. I hate the kinds that show my butt crack by 5 pm.

Also, I need something that doesn’t attract dog hair (I live with 3 Newfoundland dogs, this is a MUST).

I was a bit iffy about the prints- I am NOT the print wearing type. Prints are a huge part of the company. Apparently, they only do 1000 pairs in each print, then retire them like beanie babies.

I couldn’t find any local vendors (they do ‘pop up boutiques’ in people’s houses), so I went to eBay to search for them. Not knowing what they cost directly from the company, I was astounded to see some selling for $75 or more! Later, I found out that they are $22 directly from Lularoe, which isn’t a bad price.

I am/was shocked that people are paying even higher prices just for certain prints! My birthday is February 14th, so I decided on a pair of Valentines Day print leggings with cell phones all over them. If I am going to go with prints for once, I will go big or go home. I paid $20 for the leggings, including shipping.

Although I was hopeful, I wasn’t expecting much. I’ve not had the best luck finding decent fitting leggings made of quality material lately. I bought the OS/One Size (0-12)- they also come in “tall/curvy”. I am a size 10 currently, with a big rear end and small waist. Usually leggings will either fit my butt or waist, but never both at the same time.

These leggings are AMAZING! The are made of a super soft brushed cotton that is butter soft and almost flannel-like. I’ve never worn anything quite like these before. They keep their shape ALL DAY and the fit is superb. I also bought another pair for my size 0 sister in OS and they fit her nicely, too- maybe a bit loose in the leg, as she has very thin legs.

If you’re a size 0 with skinny legs and on the short side, their ‘tween’ sizes may fit you better. She loved her pair as much as I loved mine.

s-l1600 (2).jpg

my sister’s pair, love this print

Let’s talk about the wild prints again:

I probably wouldn’t wear most of the prints they sell outside of my house, it just isn’t me. My mother actually made fun of the cell phone ones, but they’re so comfy, I didn’t care. I wish they’d offer just basic colors (for me, black is de rigeur). Lularoe prints are like Lilly Pulitzer prints on crack.

That being said, I’ve already purchased another few pairs. I love the comfort and feel of this product so much.


3rd DDP Yoga Workout- END of Week 1- BANG!

I did it!!! I did an entire workout ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

It took 2 weeks of real and practice workouts, but I finally got there… and it was worth it. The end of the Energy workout is so relaxing.

I feel so accomplished.

I was supposed to (per the workout schedule included) do my workout yesterday, but I had my sister over and couldn’t.

Week 2 of workouts starts Monday.


Day 1 DDP Yoga- OMFG


I started DDP Yoga today (actually, been doing the Diamond Dozen ‘how to’ vid for a week prior) and it KICKED.MY.ASS.

I have a bad back and am in need of getting stronger.

Here is an inspirational video by a handicapped veteran who lost over 100 lbs and learned to walk again using this program:

I am not as bad as this poor man and need to lose only about 30 lbs.- if he can do this, I have no bloody excuse why I can’t.

I did the Energy workout, which is basically the entry level workout. It’s only about 24 minutes long- I only got through 1/2 of it and my ABS ARE BURNING, 2 hours later!

This program is amazing! It’s like a combo of yoga, isometrics, and pranic breathing- but without the New Age B.S.

Definitely NOT your mama’s yoga.

I will be updating as I can… my kid’s at the age now where getting on the laptop is a rarity.


An Entire Family Massacred and 2 Little Girls Orphaned- GOFUNDME


On Wednesday night, these children- ages 3 and 4 yrs- lost their mother and grandfather.

Police identify father, daughter found dead in Coloma; missing kids located in Colorado

Their biological father beat the adults to death and stole the children away.

Their mother, by all accounts, was a phenomenal single parent. She’d never been away from her children and left their abusive father years before. Her own mother died when she was 15 yrs old. She’d been raising them with her widowed father.

This is a link to their GoFundMe account.

It breaks my heart.


More Truffle Madness: Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs…

This breakfast (Maisie and I shared) was made entirely with jarred black European truffles.

Super simple- toasted bagels with black truffle butter and scrambled eggs with black truffles.

I made the truffle butter by mixing half a stick of unsalted butter with quarter of a stick of salted butter and added a tsp of the minced black truffle.

Absolute HEAVEN!


Truffle Pasta- 3rd Attempt for my parents


The third time’s a charm- found a nice egg pasta- FINALLY- that was perfect for this dish.

It was Delallo Egg Fettuccine… the noodles were tender and delicate. They were the perfect foil for the truffle/cream/parm sauce…


best egg pasta I could find locally

Maisie and her ever-present piggie handbag- on our pasta hunt

My folks enjoyed their pasta and truffles… after this, I had a huge white truffle left to use up and I suddenly found myself sick to death of pasta.

my dad and his plate full of truffle-liciousness





Filet Américain

I am making this tomorrow!

Kok Robin

Filet Americain with Onions

Different from what the name suggests, this is a very typical dutch sandwich spread. I know that in France and Belgium they mean something else with “filet américain”, something the rest of the world calls “steak tartare”, but I’m dutch and this is what dutch people call filet américain. When I was young this was a luxurious treat for special days, nowadays it’s a cheap, day-to-day spread from the supermarket. Their recipe “degraded” so much over the years I decided to start making my own. After all, it’s dead simple, anybody with a blender can do it. I like it with finely chopped raw onions on top and lots of freshly ground black pepper. Spread on a sandwich or going back to the seventies and spread it on some celery sticks!


225 gr lean beef
3 T kewpie mayonnaise
2 t mustard
1 t paprika powder
½ t salt

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