Of COURSE, it’s Mercury Retrograde Until the 25th of Jan


I had a series of unfortunate electrical mishaps this week:

-car battery is suddenly draining because of an electrical issue- it goes to the shop tomorrow

-belt on dryer broke, waiting for repair men to get the part in. Until then, we’re in jammies all day, trying to ignore the mountains of laundry piling up.

-my eldest son’s new computer build isn’t going as planned- it isn’t working

-now my furnace suddenly decided to die (downstairs only- we have 2 furnaces because this house is huge and used to be 2 flats). It’s 16F/-8C tonight.

I posted on FB that it almost felt like a mercury retrograde and a friend popped in to tell me that it WAS.


Time to hang tight til the end of the month, folks.

Luckily, it’s in my 6th house, which explains my introspection and ability to enjoy/stick to my new workout… so I guess it isn’t all that bad.


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