(Pictorial) Log Cabin Dollhouse- Adding a floor to loft and decorating updates

Because I was running out of room in the cabin, the half loft had to be extended to a full loft. I stained and glued temporary boards to the ceiling rafters in such a way that if I had to remove them, it wouldn’t damage the original structure.

It’s not perfect, but it works in a pinch!

I also added a fireplace trammel to hang pots from in the fireplace

and a few other eBay finds:


(Pictorial) Log Cabin Dollhouse-Making Braided Rugs

The old rug in the house was actually an antique crocheted pot holder that I put in there when I was 12. I decided it was time to make a ‘real’ rug for the cabin.

I used antique embroidery cotton that I had (Yeah, I stockpile old sewing stuff and linens *sigh*).

First, I made a ton of strings to braid. Did I mention that I DETEST braiding?!

Sewing this took FOREVER- probably over a week or more, so my sister, who is staying with me during her cancer treatments, took over the sewing of it and finished this rug in a couple of days. She even sewed it when she was in the hospital- that’s dedication!

It turned out a little bumpy, but I don’t mind. I glued a cotton backing on the thing after it was done being sewed together. I love it 🙂


(Pictorial) Log Cabin Dollhouse- Building rope/trundle beds

We started building and designing period furnishings for this cabin.

Historically, a cabin this size would have housed (on average) a family or up to 11 or more!!!

Trundle rope beds were in order… a single sized bed like that could have slept (I’m not kidding) 2 grown people or quite a few children!

I made all of the bedding out of vintage linens and stuffed it with ‘straw’ (actually, tea leaves).

We tried our hand at a stool with a woven rope seat, but cut it wrong (too tall) and now it is a side table.

I also made a teeny ‘fire’ for the fireplace


PART 1: 35 yr old Log Cabin Dollhouse Revamp!

One thing that has kept me occupied all month (and away from blogging, etc) is this:


35 yrs old-ish, nearly an antique now!

My dad made this for me in 8th grade for my Michigan day project (I helped).

He got an A.

Took it out of the basement for the first time in 15 years to fix up and decorate for Maisie (well, that’s the official story).




Updates: Sister has cancer and I have a kidney infection again…

this month has been rough. My oldest sister, who is 52, was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and dermatomyositis. I’ve been driving her back and forth (with Maisie) to University of Michigan Medical Center, which is about 3 hours away (each way). We’ve gone 3 times so far.

Then, to add a little spice to our exciting lives, I came down with my 2nd kidney infection in 6 months.

Please send prayers/good vibes…