Updates and Losing Weight To Gain Health

A quick hello- I’ve been out of commission all month for health reasons.

My sister has been staying with me while she undergoes radiation therapy for her nasopharyngeal cancer… then I suddenly started experiencing chest pains.

I ended up in the ER about 5 times (which, here in the USA, is a very expensive hobby). I’ve ALSO been having kidney infections, one after the other, since last August. I never had them before in my life prior to this…

One afternoon, while I was minding my own business, not thinking about anything in particular, I stood up- experienced the sharpest stabbing pain in the heart- and dropped to the floor. It was my Sanford and Son moment (yes, my age is showing). I thought I was a goner.

Long story short, I failed my stress test- and my nuclear stress test showed a tiny dead spot indicating permanent damage… which is probably from a previous heart attack. I also had an angiogram- which, inexplicably came back clear even though my CT Angio said I had a widowmaker blockage.

I am recovering now from the angio, but have yet ANOTHER kidney infection now. I will be going for a CT scan of my lower torso next week or so.

In short, I’m falling apart.

I’m back on the juicing, with my cardiologist’s blessing. Yoga hasn’t been done in over a month and will resume as soon as my groin incision heals (from the angio- they went through my femoral artery). My current exercise consists of chasing Maisie, gardening, and walking.

I am now at the lowest weight I’ve been since before pregnancy. I can fit my size 8 shorts I wore 3 yrs ago, and they are a bit loose. Losing weight is IMPERATIVE, not for vanity, but to be able to have a long and healthy life!

I am not that big by most American standards, but I AM too big FOR MY OWN HEALTH. This isn’t body shame- this is simply trying to SURVIVE.