In Which the Actress Decides to Call Out My Daughter’s Father and He Responds…


Maisie’s father is very soft-spoken and usually stays out of drama at all costs-

However, the actress took it a little too far on the movie page and decided to call him out.

We sent a video to the director and writer in the group chat of Maisie’s dad explaining what he just heard- after her friend called me to threaten us -back when we kind of ASSUMED we were dealing with other responsible, normal adults still and were trying to nip this baffling thing in the bud.


This is a wonderful man who loves his daughter and his family. I have very rarely ever seen him get angry… And when he does, it’s always in a calm, rational way.

Here is the letter that he wrote and reply to Sabrina’s allegations that he “traumatized” our daughter –


“You know what, I was going to stay mostly out of this because I thought the whole thing was asinine, and developmentally stunted: the plot, the movie, the fighting, everything and I wanted nothing to do with it.

When Jess told me she was asked to write a story, and the only guideline she had was to have a sex scene with some random hot younger guy and make the husband an a*shole, I asked why get involved in this kind of juvenile project at the last moment? She said it would be a good distraction from everything going on in our real lives, so I said okay, that’s a good reason.

We all sat around the table for a while talking about more and more outlandish ideas for the plot, some sci-fi, some paranormal, etc. until we settled that it should be realistic, a real story, about ‘real’ people with real problems. So the script was born. I disengaged because the more I learned about everything behind the scenes, the less I wanted to do with it. I have to be honest, I laughed so hard when I found out this was supposed to be written a year ago, and then I found out that the ending was changed to have a reconciliation with the husband.

What is that? It goes against the entire conception, life, and body of the story.  So, I’m confused how this happened.

When concerns were brought up about it, BOTH Sabrina and the director had the same answer, almost like it was copied and pasted from each other.

Basically saying, ‘well we can pull your credits if you want’.

I’m sorry-did anyone mention removing credits before?

No-one wanted their credits pulled and no-one said they wanted their credits pulled, but I saw at least 4 different messages offering to remove the writing credits.

If someone wants their credits removed, they will damn well tell you, what kind of rude person not only says it ONCE, but multiple times?

However, that’s not what pissed me off (or anyone else as far as I know) that was somewhat annoying, but no-one was ANGRY yet, just kept saying no and moving on.   

Sabrina’s friend called and threatened my family, THAT IS when I started to get pissed, and now you had to drag my daughter and me into it fully.

I traumatized my child? I didn’t realize I was screaming at my daughter during this, or ever for that matter.

As a matter of fact, I don’t recall ever screaming in front of my daughter, ever in her life.

Do you know me? Her? It’s strange that your post seems to insinuate that you do, and thoroughly at that.

The insinuation that I could ‘traumatize’ my daughter by yelling during this exchange is insulting.

She knows that her mom and dad would never do anything to hurt her, now strangers on the other hand are a totally different story.  

Who in their right mind thinks that yelling at a mother in front of her child is a smart thing to do, who does that?

When they are even offered an avenue to vent their frustrations in a manner that would not affect the child the coward decided to hang up instead.

Guess they just couldn’t handle an actual conversation or maybe she wanted to stay in English so that you could understand and record it, even though you “weren’t there”.  

Now, if you are trying to say that my child was traumatized because I was talking calmly but swearing in front of her then I want to know how YOU must raise YOUR kids.

Are they used to people calling YOUR HOUSE and threatening you, do you live in an environment where this is acceptable? Are YOUR kids USED TO these types of things, because, damn lady, that is unacceptable parenting on your part if this is true.

Granted, my daughter is a smart and mature little girl that knows what words are grownup words, but she has never in her life heard some stranger on the phone scream at one of us, and definitely never heard grown adults talk about flying to another country to beat one of us.

The notion that I somehow traumatized her a second time by talking to someone else on the phone is infuriating, and insulting.  

I have never heard someone try to apologize in this manner, but let me tell you it most definitely did not work.  

Here is a little lesson for you: when you are trying to say you are sorry for something you or someone else did, it’s a good idea not to start the apology off by seeing how pissed off you can make the person or people you are apologizing to.

If you have anymore problems, have your husband contact me directly. I hear from Jeff and my in-laws that Pete is a decent, normal guy. I pity him.”

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