anthony bourdain

well put, Annie xo

Give Me Meatloaf

I am in shock.

I’ll admit that I’ve internally scoffed when I have seen friends and acquaintances post about their deep sadness and heartbreak regarding celebrity deaths. I really didn’t get it.

Until now.

So, shame on me.

As an example, I know people were devastated by the deaths of Prince and Bowie – and too many more to list. While I could appreciate the void their loss brought to many, the difference for me was that I never wanted to be them – but God damn, I sure did want to be like him.

Having grown up with Martha + Julia + Ina, I was used to this perfectly polished, polite world of chefs and cooking. But being exposed to Bourdain was like having AC/DC play at a baptism. It was like, “SHIT!” cooking can be so freaking rock n’ roll. Cooking and talking about food can be…

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