We Designed and Sewed A New Llama Skirt!

This is ADORABLE! We sewed this thing from the cutest fabric and did not use a pattern.

I am going to do another with a gathered skirt and fitted waist next, because I have the fabric left. You can’t have too many llama skirts.

I paired it with Mini Boden shirt and footless tights:

I bought a mini dress dummy mannequin that I can now use to show her how to drape and sew clothes. It feels good to be designing and sewing again!

I’ve decided to just sew her skirts and things now- I can control the quality and fit better this way. I love clothing and furniture design.

FUN FACT: I used to do both, once, in another lifetime. I mostly did reproduction reenactment clothing entirely by hand- and I once was the designer of doggie furniture in Oslo before it became fashionable!

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