Sitting under 3 sofa throws, with a fourth one over my head like a tent while I type this.

It’s 73F in my house, but I am having the worst chills and nausea. Hope it’s not food poisoning.

It’s not Covid-19 (been there, done that- more about that in an upcoming series of posts. We’re ok now). However, if you’ve been through the ‘rona, you discover that the teeniest thing will make you ill- long after ‘recovery’.

In my opinion, for many of us older adults, ‘recovery’ is an ongoing process, long after (months, in our cases) you’ve gone antibody negative.

I have a ton of IG and blog posts to publish, but I am going to try to recover from whatever the hell this is.

Ok, going to try to lay down now. This is freaking inconvenient.

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