Ooooh Kaftan Fever from Lyra Swimwear

These kaftans by Lyra Swimwear (found here: https://lyraswimwear.com/collections/kaftans) look very wearable and comfy. I have been contemplating buying this one in particular for it’s modern, exotic styling.

They also have a ‘modest’ swimwear collection and beach pants that look interesting. Since it’s the middle of frigid winter in Michigan, I haven’t had the chance to try this brand out yet- but beach season is just around the corner if we survive covid and the US government.

I have been more interested in comfortable loungewear, since the lockdown began. Coming to greet the UPS man in a granny gown or ratty bathrobe or leggings gets SO boring.

Our 2nd round of covid hit us in November and Maisie has developed a slight case of MIS-C, which scares the hell out of us right now. Recovery from this dreadful virus was harder the second time around and even 6 weeks post positive, we find ourselves with constant fatigue and wearing things that are comfortable and easy to wash/wear/sleep in.

Stay safe and healthy in this New Year!