Garlic Onion Bubonic Plague Killing Soup- UPDATED (in 2011, from my fb notes)

Garlic Onion Bubonic Spanish Plague Killing-Soup UPDATED!

Sent this to Kendra and Hope, but I thought to share it with everyone here so that I don’t have to keep copying/pasting…

This will clean out your head cavity and your kishkes both, be warned. It will PURGE everything bad in you…  easy to make, too.  This works far better than Chicken Soup.

~For every 4 onions, 1 entire head of garlic, totally squished. Slice onions in thin half moons or pulse in the food processor if you don’t like the texture of onions.

~good olive oil

~ 2 tablespoons honey (or a bit of sugar)

~hand full of herbs of your choice

~beef, chicken, or veg broth

~ good vinegar, like ACV or any delish one

~Sriracha cock sauce (the red bottle with rooster) or hot sauce or red pepper flakes

~optional- 1 glass good wine, pinch of saffron, garum or nuoc man/fish sauce

Saute onions/garlic until soft and fragrant.

(at this point, you can add the glass of wine to deglaze the pan, if you have some on hand)

Add enough broth to make soup.

Add honey or sugar (prefer honey) to bring out the sweetness of the onions and add an extra bug killing punch.

Add herbs and Sriracha, s and copious pepper.

Bring to boil, then simmer at least 30 minutes.

Add a spoonful of spiced vinegar to each bowl, if you want, when serving.

Best eaten with freshly baked bread to sop up the broth.

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