Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary Day 7- MORE WEIGHT LOSS! WOOT!

I lost .3 of a pound! That officially totals over 3 lbs of weight loss (or about 5 had I weighed in before day 1, which I didn’t) for the week.

Disclaimer: I don’t sell or represent the Optavia company in any way, I am just a desperately overweight person hoping to stay accountable/remember what I did/journal/review this program.

I am tired, but I am super stressed re my family health concerns now. I work out a lot and probably need to add some snacks.

I’ve realized that I am eating to live now, not the other way around. It’s an interesting adjustment. I’ve never done portion control like this- nor have I eaten so frequently.

My life lately has been a series of family emergencies- most of the fires I have to try to put out myself.

I was hungrier today than usual… and spent MOST OF THE DAY with a lot of stress due to Western Union. We kept trying to send money to my brother outside of the country and stuff kept going awry.

I am currently still holding with them on phone as I type this, because last wire we tried to send omitted an initial. GRRRRR…

After the 6th time and MANY HOURS LATER, it finally went through.

As luck would have it, my email gets a mychart notification at 10 pm saying my mom needed another CT tonight at the hospital (she was admitted this week). Now I am worried she may have fallen again.

Day 7
Morning Weight: 171.3 (SO… anywhere from 4 to 5 or more pounds lost this week alone!)
15,292 steps
1 hour 43 min cardio

80 oz of water

10:00 am- 1st fueling: DOUBLE CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR and a big cup of coffee

12:35 pm– 2nd fueling: CREAMY VANILLA SHAKE (I wasn’t feeling very hungry yet, but it was good and creamy)
3:00 pm- 3rd fueling: (ok, was hungry now and was too busy to make anything) CAMPFIRE S’MORES BAR
5:20 pm- 4th fueling:  CHEESY BUTTERMILK CHEDDAR MAC (doctored with garlic and a bit of black truffle salsa). I liked this WAY BETTER THAN the Spinach mac. I can’t do the spinach pesto one at ALL.
7 pm- snack: 3 stalks of celery

8:15 pm-Lean and Green meal: Mesclun vinaigrette salad with chicken breast and avocado

10:45 pm-5th fueling: JALAPENO POPPER THINGS (I have to get through the box somehow)

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