Over 50 and Weight LossDiary Day 9- a day of rest and insanity

No weight change, which isn’t a big deal.

My biggest issue is remembering to fuel at the right time. I need to start using my Alexa or phone to remind me again.
I barely got my steps in, work has been insane. Life has been insane. I am glad I have this program to keep me focused.

I’m so cranky and it’s definitely not from the diet. People, in general, are having so many issues and tragedies all over my FB feed.

We’re out of decent fresh veggies today and I have a huge work event tomorrow from 10 am til Midnight, so I scraped the barrel for dinner. I have enough miso cod from Costco to last for 2 more dinners.

I will be taking my fuelings with me tomorrow for my first ‘outing’. I plan to eat dinner at the Gala and stick as close to the plan as possible. This will be my first huge test of willpower.

Day 9–

Resting Heart Rate: 66 (WHOA!) I am more concerned and pleased about my heart than the weight loss right now.
Morning Weight: 169.9 (didn’t budge from yesterday)
11,322 steps
48 min. cardio

80 oz of water

12:00 pm- 1st fueling: CHOCOLATE MINT CRISP BAR and a big cup of coffee

2:35 pm– 2nd fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE (WAFFLED)- OK, I liked it today and I am usually not big on chocolate. I mixed it a bit thicker. It made 1 waffle that was about the size of a normal brownie.
5:15 pm- 3rd fueling: CREAMY DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR (my fave)
7:20 pm- 4th fueling:  ESSENTIAL HOMESTYLE CHICKEN FLAVORED AND VEG NOODLE SOUP (Idk why I don’t make the soups more, they’re so filling and good!)

9:15 pm-Lean and Green meal: Miso Glazed cod and cauliflower rice. NOTE TO SELF: I need to keep my fat calories in a decent target range. Too low fat is not good, either.

11:00 pm-5th fueling: OK, I MISSED THIS. UGH.

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