Day 24-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- More Weight Loss & Kiddo’s New Harry Potter Bedroom Makeover Part 1

Missed yesterday’s blog due to 2 days of headache (not Covid) and have been busy designing/buying things for Maisie’s surprise Harry Potter Themed bedroom makeover.

We found an amazing 1920s-30s dresser from a local antique store. Also found a little side table from Amazon Marketplace… plus a vintage lamp and mirror from an antique mall. I bought a lampshade in burgundy and some gold paint to customize the shade with.

I also designed some art for her bedroom (one done on Canva and the other digitally purchased from Etsy).

We spent the day emptying out her bedroom- she still has no idea why we’re doing this- she just thinks it is ‘spring cleaning’.

I was late for 2 of my meals on the night I didn’t post. Ended up having an AMAZING pho with the last of the sous vide grass-fed sirloin and tons of herbs/shirataki Miracle noodles.

Today’s meals had more dairy than I usually consume. I wanted to see how my body would react- and also, I was just too dang lazy to cook.

We’ve been mildly ill for days. It’s damned inconvenient. It’s like we’re on the verge of something lingering and uncomfortable. Maisie is feeling poorly as well, poor baby.

Day 24-

WEIGHT: 167.1

12,188 steps
43 min cardio

11:15 am- 1st fueling: Bar of some sort with a big cup of coffee
1:45 pm- 2nd fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE waffled with a Laughing Cow Light Cheese- noms
3:45 pm- 3rd fueling: another bar (I ran out of my usual ones and bought some at the grocery store that taste gross, but they help and have the same nutritional value)
9:30 pm- Lean and Green meal: Salad with garlic vinaigrette, avocado, mushrooms, and 1.5 cups of cottage cheese (I was on a dairy kick today and late for dinner because of work commitments)
11:30 pm-5th fueling: fell asleep before I could eat

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