Day 29-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- ALMOST A MONTH IN!!!

My favorite 64 oz Venture Pal water jug’s clasp died this week, so I ordered a gallon jug from Amazon (same brand). Probably a bit ambitious on my part, also it is harder to drink from, but will get used to it. I absolutely need to up my water intake, so hopefully this helps.

The kiddo’s velvet quilt and ONE SHAM came from Amazon. I couldn’t deal with the asymmetry, so I ordered another pair of shams straight away.

I am feeling less fit than yesterday. For someone without covid, this still feels a lot like covid lite. IDK what I have, honestly, but it’s kicking all of our asses in this house. R will rapid test again today.

I am dying to leave the house (with a mask) and do some shopping for tchotchkes for her bedroom redo. I have a ton of real work to do as well, but my headache seems to be preventing me from doing long jaunts on the computer and talking on the phone physically makes my brain hurt.

I wonder if this is my body forcing me to slow down. I normally work 10-16 hours a day and I am at a total standstill. It’s so frustrating. Even forcing myself to type this blog is WORK.

The diet itself seems to make me feel better for a bit. It’s definitely keeping me nourished, because I have zero appetite.

As an absolutely obsessed foodie, it is strange to have zero cravings. I don’t usually snack and I eat like a farmhand. Not anymore. These 6 small meals seem to take away all desire to even think about food. I love not obsessing over it. I love the freedom and how much the fuelings clear up my need to even wonder what I am going to eat. It takes all the work out of it for me- and the food addiction is GONE. I eat to live now and am happy doing it.

Rebounding is the number 1 priority for health today… and rest. I have a hard time allowing my body to rest and it’s been a tough love reminder, this illness.

BEFORE this diet, I would have to go to extreme measures (intermittent fasting, cleanses, keto) to get these types of results. In the last few years, even those habits bore no fruit nor weight loss. NOOM helped, but it was so food and app oriented, it took away a lot of time I needed to be present for work and home. This doesn’t do that. I probably will stick to this program for a long, long time- if not forever. Once I hit my goal weight- and I WILL- there is a maintenance plan. This is so worth it to me.

We are STILL SICK. I am so over this now. I need to call the doctor Monday.

Day 29-


RESTING HEART RATE: 71 (UGH, wish we’d stop being sick)
min cardio

11:45 am- 1st fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE FUDGE CRISP BAR and coffee
1:45 pm- 2nd fueling: CREAMY DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR (ok, I love the bars for convenience)
4:40 pm- 3rd fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE WAFFLED AND STUFFED with Laughing Cow Lite
7:15 pm- 4th fueling: SMOKY BBQ CRUNCHERS
9:15 pm- Lean and Green meal: Bbq Chicken and garlic rainbow cauliflower
11:15 pm-5th fueling: PEANUT BUTTER SHAKE
140 OUNCES OF WATER!! (my gallon water jug is AWESOME)

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