Day 42-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- Sudden Deaths

14 yrs ago today, my FB memories say that I was on day 10 of a Master Cleanse.

I probably lost 15 lbs maybe, drinking lemonade swill and suffering- AND GAINED IT ALL BACK AFTER- over and over again.

Now I am on day 42 of a decent eating program that doesn’t starve me and I am down about 20 lbs, without the hell of drinking cayenne lemonade all day. I wish I had this program and L’BRI 14 yrs ago!!!

I update this blog throughout the day, as it unfolds. Tonight I was hit by some horrific news that a family friend died unexpectedly and tragically. I had to call my son and I have no desire to eat or move now.

I am gutwrenchingly sickened and sad over his death. Though we hadn’t seen him in a number of years, he will be missed.

I slept for 1.5-2 hours, prayed, cried. It helped. My friends also prayed for us and I am not the most religious person, but it was truly appreciated.

I am usually an emotional eater- couldn’t eat. I had to sleep. Sorry this blog is so short, but today was horrible.

Day 42-


7,804 steps
28 min cardio

10:40am- 1st fueling:  DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR and coffee
12:40 pm- 2nd fueling: ROASTED GARLIC POTATO CAKES with reduced fat cheddar
3:00 pm- 3rd fueling: CHOCOLATE PUDDING
9:45 pm- 4th fueling: ONION AND HONEY MUSTARD STICKS (had to nap, missed eating windows due to bad news)
9 pm- Lean and Green meal: 
11 pm- 5th fueling: 

92 oz of water

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