Day 57-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- my Holy Grail (and my resting heart rate is back down!)

I will be 53 years old in a few days and I have lost a few people I knew over the last weeks. Life is so short. I’ve been thinking about this today a lot.

Here is my Holy Grail:

1. I wash my face 2x a day with my skincare (DM me for more info) and never go to bed without washing!

2. I drink a gallon of water daily

3. I swear by my FitBit to keep an eye on my steps and heart/oxygen health. I am a pulmonary embolism and covid survivor.

4. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline EVERY HOUR or as much as I can per day for at least 10 minutes, to keep blo0d clots from forming and to help my cardiovascular health/maintain weight.

5. At least 10-20k steps a day

6. Eat 6 small, lower carb meals a day

7. ENJOY LIFE AND PLEASURE TO IT’S FULLEST- especially important for people over a certain age. We have no idea what day will be our last- live it up!

8. Curse all I want, do what I want, OWN the IDGAF and be an example for others. Timidity only gets a person stepped on. Embrace your WHOLE SELF.

9. Keep your circle small and surround yourself with people that make you feel positive- or at least will be your wingman when you don’t.

10. I stay away from fake people. I am outspoken to a fault, so they generally don’t care for me anyway and I am so pleased that I have this superpower.

11. Sleep as much as you can, take vitamin D3 if you have autoimmune issues, and practice self-care.

12. tell the people you love that you love them NOW. There might not be a tomorrow.

I am sure there’s more, but it’s time for me to wake up and start my day!

Day 57-


RESTING HEART RATE: 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12,427 steps
44 min cardio

10:55 am- 1st fueling:  FROSTED COOKIE DOUGH bar and coffee
3 pm- 3rd fueling:  CHOCOLATE PUDDING
8 pm- Lean and Green meal: Spaghetti Squash with Bolognese Sauce
11 pm- 5th fueling: 

100 oz of water

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