About Miss Maisie & Me

Baby is serious, mom- not so much...

Baby is serious, mom- not so much…

Well, the “me” is Me- her mother, Jess.

I am over 50 and the mother of a very rambunctious mini female who was born in Sept. 2014 (I was still 45 when she was born).  We live a very quiet life in SW Michigan with a corgi pup named Rowan, a cat named Cake,(and previously with three 150 lb Newfoundland dogs who all recently passed away due to old age) and unglamorously grow our own veggies on our small city lot, much to the chagrin of our neighbors.

I am also an executive manager with a skincare company called L’BRI and have been a professional tv/radio psychic medium for over 30 years… and I was a doggy furniture designer in Oslo, Norway in a previous incarnation!

I am also caring for aging parents- one with dementia- and battling health issues of my own.

I spend my free time going gaga over this child, homeschooling, shopping for outfits that she will probably wear once and grow out of, and trying to keep my face from falling off my skull/my rear end from spreading too far- which is difficult, since I am a huge foodie and cook- and am inherently lazy, but am also now a Fitbit fitness fanatic.

This blog will likely be a hodge-podge of me cooing/griping about motherhood, aging, natural skincare, psychic stuff, aging parents, dementia, cancer, autoimmune issues, health, gardening, food posts, and child stuff/makeup/fashion reviews/homeschool things… with an odd bit of writing, poetry, and music thrown in for good measure…


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12 thoughts on “About Miss Maisie & Me

  1. Love your blog btw! Maisie is beautiful, and reading your blog has been so encouraging for me. I just turned 44 in July and have been trying (unsuccessfully) to become pregnant for the past 2 years. Two miscarriages later, I found out I’m pregnant again. I took ubiquinol everyday for the past 5 months prior. Hoping that it helps this time around. Waiting impatiently for my first doc appointment, and scared and paranoid everyday of another miscarriage. Every little twinge, cramp, feeling symptoms one day, to not feeling them as much another day, has driven me absolutely batty! Hoping for the best. Preparing for the worst…

    I’m so happy that you got your miracle baby! What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with the world! 😊

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