I am still at 159.6, but I know it is because of sadness. I forced myself to eat today. If I gain some weight tomorrow, I won’t be shocked. Losing weight too fast isn’t good, either.

I am also forcing myself to do this- I am generally pretty happy go lucky, but this death hit all of us like a ton of bricks. I owe it to myself, my family, and my sales team of friends to pull myself out of this now.

I’ve given myself grace, even though I’ve been running on fumes since Covid, part 3. It’s time to get back to work on my neuroplasticity and mindset.

I also took a reels class this week (some of it, still working on it) and made silly reel vids.

If there is anything I can rely upon, it’s my skincare regimen by L’Bri and this eating program.

The skincare can be found at linktr.ee/missmaisieandme
Day 44-

WEIGHT: 159.6 again. I attribute this to being so down.

11,147 steps (much better than yesterday)
28 min cardio

10: 25 am- 1st fueling:  ZESTY LEMON BAR and coffee
12:45 pm- 2nd fueling: CHOCOLATE PUDDING
3:45 pm- 3rd fueling: HONEY MUSTARD & ONION STICKS
5:45 pm- 4th fueling: protein bar
10 pm- Lean and Green meal: Chicken sausage, salad

96.6 oz of water


Day 41-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- The Day of Leisure


I spent the day working and getting into the rhythm of this diet program. We had a snow storm hit, so no reason to venture into the tundra.

I mostly made videos about my skincare for reels on IG

Lean and Green was a shrimp salad thing and I did a skin peel with L’BRI, after taking a long soak…

Day 41-

WEIGHT: didn’t weigh in. Going to do it once a week from now on.

RESTING HEART RATE: 78 again, yuck
13,280 steps
28 min cardio
 today was just a lazy day. Period.

10: 40am- 1st fueling: CREAMY DOUBLE PEANUT CRISP BAR and coffee
1:40 pm- 2nd fueling: CHOCOLATE PUDDING
3:40 pm- 3rd fueling: CREAMY CHOCOLATE SHAKE
6:45 pm- 4th fueling: ZESTY LEMON CRISP BAR
9 pm- Lean and Green meal: shrimp and avo salad and cottage cheese
11 pm- 5th fueling:  Shake

92 oz of water


Day 40-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- so busy today

I made Filipino garlic fried cauliflower rice with shimp for the lean and green and it was already better than the last one- so good. Today’s blog is short because I was so busy.

Day 40-

WEIGHT: IDK, had 2 meetings to run to and was late, so missed that window

11,953 steps
40 min cardio

10:35 am- 1st fueling: DOUBLE CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR and coffee
2:00 pm- 2nd fueling: CHOCOLATE PUDDING
5 pm- 3rd fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE with laughing cow lite
7 pm- 4th fueling: CARAMEL MACCHIATO SHAKE
9:40 pm- lean and green meal:  shrimp with cauliflower garlic fried rice

100 oz of water

11 pm- 5th fueling: fell asleep again


Day 39-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- FRUSTRATION


3 am and I have insomnia. The kiddo has to be up tomorrow for her horse riding lesson since the Pandemic began and she is super excited.

When she went to bed, I finished the owl lamp she wanted so badly. I wasn’t going to pay 250 bucks for a resin one from a bit company. Instead, I picked up a small vintage bisque owl lamp from the 60s or 1970s and spray painted it in a copperish metallic; bought a 20 dollar burgundy shade from the grocery store and painted it with her initials in Gryffindor colors- and put it on her nightstand while she slept. She is going to be shocked when she wakes up!


SO frustrated- not by my weight, even though I’ve stayed around same for a couple of days- but by my COVID RECOVERY. My weight loss and skincare I am super pleased with… my tachycardia is improving, but not fast enough for my liking.

Tonight I made Filipino garlic fried rice with chicken and it was almost EXACTLY spot on- or maybe because it’s been too long since I’ve had rice, idk. Enjoyed food for first time in eons.

Tomorrow I will have shrimp something or other.

I was able to get my steps and cardio in. I need to get my strength training/yoga started… which I keep saying, but have yet to do.

Day 39-

WEIGHT: 162.2

RESTING HEART RATE: 78 STILL, but it went lower tonight when I slept.
13,044 steps
51 min cardio

11:10 am- 1st fueling: DRIZZLED BERRY CRISP BAR and coffee
2:15 pm- 2nd fueling: HONEY MUSTARD & ONION STICKS
7:15 pm- 4th fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE with laughing cow lite
10 pm- Lean and Green meal: filipino garlic fried cauliflower rice w chicken (SO GOOD)
11:30 pm- 5th fueling:  fell asleep ugh

100 oz of water


Day 21-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE (even if Betty White passed away)

Ooooh- my friend came by to see me for the first time since this diet began and said I look A TON THINNER. I snapped a pic before my shower and I am amazed at how tight the skin is on my body and how my belly fat is just *POOF* gone!

I am feeling this weight loss thing. I feel like I am getting BACK TO ME again…

tonight’s anthem kicks off my evening-

Cooking Hoppin’ John (black-eyed peas and rice), collard greens, cornbread tonight for NYE. Stayed on plan all day and am ok with this. I don’t plan on drinking more than a toast of bubbly at midnight, so I am good.

hoppin john, cornbread, collard greens for New Year’s good luck!

I was horrified to discover Betty White didn’t even make it to her own 100th birthday. This must be the Harbinger of the Apocalypse if there ever was one. So sad. This doesn’t bode well for 2022.

More pics of our evening- I didn’t drink. It was a nice, chill night with fam. Wore makeup for the first time in eons.

Makeup and skincare by L’Bri at linktr.ee/missmaisieandme

Day 21-

WEIGHT: 167.1

RESTING HEART RATE: 67 (had a bit of fever last night, so that explains the slight spike)
9,226 steps
20 min cardio

2:30 pm- 2nd fueling: YOGURT BERRY BLAST SMOOTHIE
5:00 pm- 3rd fueling: Garlic black truffle cheesy potato cakes (waffled and hacked recipe I invented)
7:30 pm- 4th fueling: collard greens
9:45 pm- Lean and Green meal: WENT OFF PLAN FOR NYE
11:45 pm-5th fueling: WENT OFF PLAN FOR NYE


Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary Day 8! 5 LBS (or more) GONE! PLUS LOWERED RESTING HEART RATE

I am back in the 160s (barely) but I’ll TAKE IT!! WOOT WOOT! It’s officially 5 lbs lost, but probably closer to double that, because I didn’t weigh in before day 1 and I kinda stepped on the scale a week prior and jumped off out of shock and disbelief.

MY RESTING HEART RATE IS THE BEST PART!! It’s down to 67 now! I suffer from high blood pressure and tachycardia, so this is amazing!

As usual, my morning has been filled with doctors and hospitals calling and family emergency stuff for the 985,670th day in a row.

My mom is confusing the doctors. She is sicker than she acts- if that makes sense. She shouldn’t be doing all the things she has been with the labs she has. They won’t release her until they can sort out what’s going on.

In other news:
I have been using the mini-waffle maker a LOT. This thing is so convenient and easy to clean and use. I got the Dash mini waffle maker on Amazon for about 17 bucks. It has rainbows on it because the other colors are back-ordered. So worth it. Rainbows and all.

So the kiddo doesn’t feel left out during my waffled fuelings, I make her waffled non-diet versions.

a little holiday dance cheer from Maisie & Rowan

The great thing about this program is that everything is balanced nutritionally, calorically, and the macros are all spot on. I don’t have to think, just grab and do.

I am thinking also about what weight loss means to me psychologically. In the past, like everyone does, I’ve never been able to see myself through body-positive eyes- even when I was what I would consider thin now. I am working hard on changing my mindset. It is so much more imperative that I come to terms with who I AM and how I look now that I am older… and be gentler about it while pushing myself to be the best I can be.

I am acclimating well to this, but still need to add real workouts in soon. I will take it day by day, because everything changes so quickly lately.

Day 8–
Morning Weight: 169.9 (I am SHOCKED, even though it is just a smidge out of the 170s!)
14,075 steps
50 min. cardio

80 oz of water

10:30 am- 1st fueling: CARAMEL DELIGHT CRISP BAR and two cups of coffee. It was a crazy morning.

12:50 pm– 2nd fueling: WILD STRAWBERRY SHAKE (I liked this one a lot)
3:45 pm- 3rd fueling: ROASTED GARLIC SMASHED POTATOES (waffled) with a pinch of reduced-fat cheddar
6:45pm- 4th fueling: CREAMY DOUBLY PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR (almost forgot to eat)

9:20 pm-Lean and Green meal: BBQ CHICKEN AND CAULIFLOWER BOWL

12:00 am-5th fueling: HONEY MUSTARD AND ONION STICKS


Over 50 and Pandemic Weight Loss Diary Day 6

2.2 lbs gone by the morning of day 6- not too shabby.

Mama was rushed to the hospital yesterday and admitted, after a series of falls that left her with 4 cracked ribs. She also has other more alarming issues that we cannot pinpoint yet. She throws up a lot, her troponin levels are high, and her bloodwork is off. She is 77 yrs old, with vascular dementia, and lives at an amazing care home.

We (both the owner of the facility and I) had a helluva time getting the visiting doctor’s office and doctor.

Our elderly are seen as disposable in this world, especially once they have dementia and this is so grossly unfair and inhumane. Needless to say, I put my foot down this time and wouldn’t budge.

This diet has helped me not to binge in the midst of crisis, something I am normally super prone to doing.

Today’s “Daily Prompt” from my support group was to write down no less than 10 of my strengths. This is a difficult one for me, but here goes:

1. I am persistent

2. I am loyal

3. I have a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility to others and myself

4. I am funny

5. I am loving

6. I am fearless

7. I am lucky for others

8. I love making people feel good about themselves

9. I am inuitive

10. I am weird

Ok, so that was hard and seemed way too self-centered for my comfort. Ugh. I love these exercises because they take me out of my comfort zone and I like it. I enjoy being out of my comfort zone for some reason. It always leads to growth.

I am going to focus on eating less bars and doing more shakes and soups and variety. All of my fuelings are still in the big box because I have nowhere to store them yet.

R bought a ton of shrimp for my lean & green meals, so I need to eat that for the duration. I am getting a bit sick of salads, so maybe a scampi-type thing next with cauliflower rice for dinner. Whatever is easy. It doesn’t matter. Food is fuel for me right now.

Day 6
Morning Weight: 171.6 (woot, going back down despite the fact that I must be made of pure cortisol from the stress)
15,245 steps
1 hour 10 min. cardio

92 oz of water

12:55 am- 1st fueling: CARAMEL CRISP BAR and a big cup of coffee

3:15 pm– 2nd fueling: WILD RICE & CHICKEN FLAVORED SOUP W/CARROTS, CELERY, ONION, PEAS, AND SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS (had this before. It needs a pinch of salt and some spices. My body doesn’t retain sodium well, so I need to adjust everything for my body).
5:45 pm- 3rd fueling: SOUR CREAM & CHIVE WAFFLED POTATOES with laughing cow cheese
7:45 pm- 4th fueling:  YOGURT BERRY BLAST shake

9:45 pm-Lean and Green meal: GARLIC SHRIMP AND CAULIFLOWER (R BOUGHT SO MUCH SHRIMP, I NEED TO USE IT UP- plus I needed to start eating earlier. I can’t deal with big meals so late at night,) It was SO good, so satisfying. 7 oz of shrimp is A LOT. I think I may have gone over my fat allowance, but not by much.
11:30 pm-5th fueling: HONEY MUSTARD & ONION STICKS


Over 50 and Pandemic Weight Loss Diary Day 4

I know that the initial loss is almost always water weight, but it still makes me super happy-

I find it interesting that I quit daily weigh-ins back in April when I was already upset about my creeping weight.

My initial (small) weight loss goal is 160. My pre-Maisie weight is 133-140, which is my ultimate goal. At that size, I am generally a size 4/6. Any smaller and I look too thin… but I don’t even remember what ‘too thin’ is. I’ve always been a sturdy human, albeit a muscular one.

Until now I’ve just been getting steps by rebounding with a Leaps & Rebounds mini-trampoline. That thing saved my LIFE/our LIVES through Covid and pulmonary embolism and lupus autoimmune disease.

I have a lifetime discount from the company. If you’re interested in one use MISSMAISIE10 to get 10% off your order at leapsandrebounds.com.

Starting tomorrow, I hope to incorporate DDP yoga into the mix. I bought the program years ago, but it’s still a tried and true winner for me. I will also be going back to the gym to hit the weights by 1 January. I haven’t lifted in years and at my age, I need the muscle.

I need to remember to keep setting my alarms for the fuelings. I was late for my second one yesterday and it messed up my eating schedule. Having dinner at 11 pm is not ideal for me.

I am in a group where they told us to write a letter to our younger selves. I would have told myself to quit smoking, start working out daily, take vitamins, DRINK WATER, and WASH MY FACE 2x a day and BEFORE BED WITHOUT FAIL. I would have told myself to get my a** into therapy. I would have told her she was enough and stuff was going to work out AND TO ALWAYS GO FOR IT.

Today, the group asked what our younger selves would have replied. Mine would have been pretty shocked and happy, I think. She’d be a little upset that I got this heavy and had a chronic illness. She’s also be shocked with how I look, which is exactly how I envisioned and hoped I’d look when I was younger. I am almost 53 and didn’t expect to weather this well as a young’un.

I *do* represent the L’BRI company and it’s the secret to my oddly Benjamin Buttoning face. Check it out at linktr.ee/missmaisieandme. I was my face 2x a day and it keeps my head and neck from falling on the ground. Best skincare I’ve ever experienced in my ENTIRE LIFE.

Hell, I didn’t even know how to wash my face properly until my 52nd birthday when I tried it.

Now I want my body to match what’s going on from the neck up.

Wave of fatigue hit me around 9 pm. I am so sleepy, but have one more meal (the Lean and Green) to go. I also have steps that need doing. I think it’s time for a laydown.

my first 26 days on L’BRI from last Spring. My skin looks even better now. I was in an active lupus flare before and had the butterfly rash to prove it.


Day 4
16,034 steps
1 hour 46 min cardio

80 oz or more of water

10:45 am- 1st fueling: CHOCOLATE MINT COOKIE CRISP BAR (kinda tastes like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie)

1:00 pm– 2nd fueling: DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER BAR (will order again, so far my fave)

4:00 pm- 3rd fueling: JALAPENO CHEDDAR POPPERS (still not my fave, kinda like spicy cheetos, but I need to eat them up- won’t order them again. Some people adore them, just not my thing)

6:00 pm- 4th fueling: ROASTED GARLIC SMASHED POTATOES waffled with a pinch of reduced fat cheddar- WOW! MY FAVE FUELING SO FAR!! DEFINITELY re-ordering these next month.

8:45 pm- 5th fueling: SPINACH PESTO MAC AND CHEESE (my first time trying this one. Also required microwaving, like the penne.)
VERDICT: NOT A FAN, EVEN WITH DOCTORING. I will eat it up, but never again. Gimme the penne every day. This tends to overboil in the microwave. I cook them in pyrex measuring cups, for convenience.
I am leaning toward liking the savory hearty things best for flavor and the bars for convenience. I have only tried one of the shakes, mostly because I am sick to death of shakes after trying the 310 program (unsuccessfully).

10:45 pm- Lean and Green meal: Black truffle omelet with salad, avo, mushrooms (I needed to use up the other half of the avocado)


Over 50 and Pandemic Weight Loss Diary Day 3

Ok, so I woke up to THIS:


I honestly do not know what I weighed prior to day 1. I was too scared to weigh until day 2. I am no longer fearful of weigh-ins.

I need to do some before/after pics soon and keep regular track of the progress. Another person recommended that I also measure my inches lost.

I was late for my second fueling due to a visit from the plumber. The water heater went out.
I am much more tired today, but I didn’t sleep well. I haven’t in a while. My dad was exposed to Covid the other day and now I am having severe anxiety… this is in addition to the other hellish illnesses and deaths happening all around me.

I am also noticing an increase in crankiness, which isn’t abnormal when I begin a new program. At least I am not fasting. I am not pleasant during fasts AT ALL. Hangry is a real thing, folks… but I am not noticeably hungry. I don’t have as much energy today- probably not from Optavia, but because of insomnia and little sleep the night before.

**UPDATE: Maisie is NAPPING, which is unheard of unless sick. I hope we weren’t exposed to anything 😦

By 11 pm, I was FAMISHED AND READY for my Lean and Green Meal. It was fantastic and I could eat seafood daily. Happy tummy. I actually prefer it to chicken breasts.

I didn’t get as many steps today as last week, but I am ok with this.

Day 3
14k steps
43 min cardio

80 oz or more of water

10:47 am- 1st fueling: CARAMEL DELIGHT CRISP BAR (still just ok. I won’t order next month)
2:00 pm- 2nd fueling: DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER BAR (will order again, so far my fave)
4:30 pm- 3rd fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE w/ 1 tbsp light cream cheese in batter (made in a mini waffle maker) (THIS IS SO GOOD. SO good- and I am not actually into sweets or chocolate- think I went over condiment allowance with this, though. Will not use cream cheese next time.)
6:30 pm- 4th fueling: HONEY MUSTARD & ONION STICKS (because I was too tired to do anything else and they remind me of those Snyder’s Pretzels)
8:45 pm- 5th fueling: RUSTIC PENNE (reminder to self: ORDER MORE, because I love it more today than yesterday. It’s awesome.)
11:00 pm- Lean and Green meal: Shrimp Salad with Avocado and Mushrooms and Greek Vinaigrette

These lean and green meals are huge

Over 50 and Pandemic Weight Loss Diary Days 1 & 2

So, yeah, back at it again. I have to keep a journal while on it, so blogging counts. I am an inconsistent blogger and ditto with journaling, but this kills 2 birds with one stone. I also need to keep accountable.

I’ve avoided scales, exercise, moderation since my 52nd birthday last February, when I plunged into a world of “I WORK 16 HOURS A DAY AND DON’T HAVE TIME TO COOK ANYMORE-LAND” (albeit from my sofa).

For the last two weeks I’ve been prepping for the day this box arrived (it only took a couple of days after ordering, but I wanted to make sure I had my step/rebounding/exercise habits back by doing 12-17k steps on rebounder a day.)

On day 2 I cooked a ton of chicken breast in the oven for my lean and green meals. One pan was done Filipino Adobo style, the other was done Greek Chicken style. 2 bags of frozen chicken breasts equaled EIGHT Lean and Green meal servings. Way cheaper than buying pre-cooked chicken breasts and I have zero time to cook anymore because I work and homeschool all day from my house.

STARTING WEIGHT: 178.9 (omg this is so embarrassing. I am now 30 lbs. OVER my “I still need to lose the baby weight”, which I could never do in the past. Basically, 150 became my post-partum, post-middle age spread weight. I am 30 lbs OVER THIS NOW. No wonder my BP and heart are going insane lately).

Day 1
14,124 steps
1 hour 26 min cardio

5 pm- 1st fueling: CARAMEL DELIGHT CRISP BAR (ok)
7:23 pm- 2nd fueling: HONEY MUSTARD AND ONION SNACKS (my fave)
9:30 pm- 3rd fueling: SMORES BAR (just ok)
11:30 pm- 4th fueling: another bar of some sort
1:30 am- 5th fueling: WILD RICE SOUP (good, needed spice doctoring)
3:30 am (yes, I ate way late)- Lean and Grean meal: cauliflower and chicken breast (the amount seemed too much at the time after all those tiny meals, but slept well and was so full).

Day 2
14, 542 steps
1 hour 12 min cardio

Woke at 10:40 am

11:10 am 1st fueling with coffee (black): CREAMY DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR (best bar so far)

1:30 pm 2nd fueling, with my 64 oz jug of water: MINT CRISP BAR (this was ok)

4:20 3rd fueling: YOGURT BERRY BLAST SMOOTHIE (SO good)

6:30 4th fueling: JALAPENO CHEDDAR POPPERS (OK, not my fave… reminded me of spicy cheetos, though). Helped me get more water down, so bonus.

9:25 pm 5th Fueling: RUSTIC PENNE (shockingly delicious and filling when doctored with garlic powder and spices)

11:45 Lean and Green Meal: 6 oz of Filipino Adobo Chicken breast with 3 servings of cauliflower (AGAIN, A TON OF FOOD).


Because I tend to go whole hog when I am faced with something new and exciting- or am in the mood for self-discipline/torture, this has been ridiculously easy for me. Learning to eat the snacks every 2 hours was weird. I never snack. The box of food ‘fuelings’ are all easy to eat like snacks or microwavable or the like. The only meals I have to worry about are the Lean and Green meals. 3 servings of appropriate veg, basically (covered in the guide) and about 6-7 oz of protein… which is a ton of food after noshing on small snacks all day and drinking coffee and water.

Once you eyeball (or get a food scale), knowing the proper amount of food to eat for the one prepared meal is super easy.

They have recipes and hacks online for people who like to cook, but I was good with what I had and really shocked at how easy it has been. It’s absolutely grab and go.

No dizziness. I have a ton of energy. No keto flu. Zilch.

I haven’t been working as much as I should due to my family going through a number of deaths and illnesses in the last 2 months- this week has been particularly scary and stressful. I would normally eat for comfort and I haven’t been… I mean, having to eat every 2-3 hours (set an alarm on phone or alexa) kinda stops a person from grabbing unhealthy crap to shove in your mouth hole.

I feel like I have binge-protection insurance.

I am actually looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow.