Updates on the Last Few Years (Condensed Version w/Links & Photos)

I’ve utterly ignored this blog for YEARS… opting instead for the ease of Instagram and staying on my FB pages and doing Influencer Things (which, I gotta say, is more work than it appears to be and kinda mind-numbing).

If you want quick look-sees on what we’ve been up to go to:


For the longer list, see below:

1. had a hysterectomy and bilateral pulmonary embolisms in 2018

2. Started homeschooling Maisie with Oakmeadow.com

in 2019 and we continued during the Pandemic (and now

3. Survived 2 bouts of Covid-19

4. Bought a RV and quarantined and farmed at my dad’s after our 1st Covid bout- raised sheep and chickens in 2020.

5. Our 3 elderly Newfoundland dogs, Berry, Scucca, and Tiberius died in 2020 and 2021… Berry and Scucca died within 2 weeks of each other in June 2021 (ages 13 and 10)- Ti died on Halloween 2019 at age 8.5.

6. Moved into a smaller house in town in 2020 (originally, to quarantine in- now I just love it).

7. Adopted a kitten named Cake in 2020

8. Bought a new black 2 door hardtop Mini Cooper that I affectionately call “Roger”

9. Accidentally sampled an all natural skincare line on my 52nd birthday and somehow became an executive manager for this company after it made my face Benjamin Button back in time and managed my autoimmune skin.

It’s called L’BRI… do you even L’BRI, brah? Nobody’s heard of it, really, but it WORKED for me. I had no experience with this type of sales before… but I feel like the good faerie of skincare now. Life-changing- even if I don’t fall into the direct sales stereotype AT ALL.

Grab yours here:


Check out my vid:


10. Took up a market stall at a well-known local farmer’s market and began doing in-person readings with my long time friend and business partner, Gidget, over the summer called The Rowan and the Oak.

I know I rarely talk about my ‘real work’ since having Maisie- I took a few years off- but I have been a psychic and medium (large now, thanks to the Pandemic) for over 30 years. My other biz page is Psychic Jess Anderson.

11. Adopted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup named Rowan Magnus the Magnificent. He is a mischievous little Cancerian with a moon in Aquarius and lots of Leo.

12. Binged “Vikings” on Netflix.com and spent the entire winter 2020-21 sewing/designing/embroidering Viking and Medieval inspired wool and linen ‘Plague-wear” for the entire family (coz I am nerdy like that).

13. Maisie raised money and made her own monarch butterfly sanctuary in 2019

plus a MYRIAD OF OTHER THINGS too numerous to include here…

I’m back again and going to be blogging like a fiend, friends.



Maisie likes to chase our three 150 lb (each) Newfoundland dogs…

Tiberius and his usual look when Maisie is afoot

Tiberius and his usual look when Maisie is afoot

(yeah, my house is a wreck. ¬†I have 3 newfs blowing coat and our groomer is pregnant and hasn’t been able to groom them… sue me)

This kid has been pretty vocal today. She woke up from her nap and screamed:

“GEH UP!! GET UPPPP!!” until someone came to her rescue.

We own 3 Newfoundland dogs. ¬†Their names are Berry (short for Strawberry), Scucca (pronounced “SHOOKA”), and Tiberius. They were my babies until she came along. The dogs weigh about 150 lbs (75 kilos-ish) a piece. ¬†They are also TERRIFIED of the human puppy who chases them in her walker, on her knees, you name it… and tries to love them/pull their tails/drink out of their water bowls.

If you put them in the kitchen and shut the door, she will RAM her Joovy Groove walker into the door until they’re free.

She ADORES *all* dogs. ¬†Every dog that visits, or is walked by our porch- she is waving, hollering “HI DOGGGG!”, trying to get to the dogs… all dogs ALL the time.

It’s exhausting.

I asked today if she could ‘be a doggie’ and she started barking at me in a convincing fashion.

Of COURSE, I couldn’t get that on video because she’s been Michigan J. Frog all week.

Getting photos or videos of her doing things is like having Michigan J Frog.

Getting photos or videos of her doing things is like having Michigan J Frog.