Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary Day 10- HOLIDAY BLAZER CHARITY GALA

I have a gala to work at on my 10th day.

I woke up at 7 am after only 3 hours of sleep. I had to do readings for a charity event and was there from 10 am (for the bazaar) and back at 7 pm for the gala dinner (and to do more readings). It was a fabulous time, but I was a wreck when I arrived home. My autoimmune disorders were flaring so badly (and I don’t actually use cannabis myself.. though I am a huge fan of the topical pain relief oils).

Some highlights:
Morning/afternoon bazaar

My evening gala (before it got busy) FB Live video.

the gratuitous selfies with people.

I noticed that my leather leggings were falling down, which was unexpected.

Day 10
Morning Weight: 171
7860 steps
5 minutes cardio
hahahahahahahahahahaha!! this is insane, but I was mostly sitting all day for work and my hips hurt from lack of exercise. If I sit too long, I get pain. Movement hourly is necessary for me.
80 oz of water

8:30 am- 1st fueling: DOUBLE CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR and a big cup of coffee

10:45 pm– 2nd fueling: THE NUT CRANBERRY SPICY THING
1:45 pm- 3rd fueling: HONEY MUSTARD ONION STICKS
5:30 pm- 4th fueling:  CARAMEL DELIGHT BAR

8:15 pm-Lean and Green meal: SCREWED THE POOCH WITH CATERED DINNER. Had sliced roast beef in gravy, lettuce, and green beans… then a piece of fried chicken, my kryptonite. I didn’t partake in any marijuana or cocktails. My thing is food. I think the contact high just from the event was a trigger enough.


Tomorrow will be my day of reckoning. Starting over. I need to not fear the scale.