Miss Maisie Learns To Sew (at 4 yrs old!)

My friend dropped off a wonderful gift for Maisie- a mini Janome sewing machine that used to belong to her daughter (who is now a teen)!


My 4 yr old (who has excellent eye/hand coordination) was immediately enthralled and wanted to learn to sew right away.

Everyday we’ve completed a project- she’s doing microwavable bean bags filled with rice for ‘owwies’. She made a heart the first day, a triangle for her teacher the second day, and today we did a bigger triangle with rag box applique hearts and other decorations.

Maisie said she wanted to be like an elf and make a lot of them for Christmas 🎁 presents-

This teeny Janome is a workhorse! It sewed through thick woolen material with no issues and has 10 stitch settings!

Each day she gets more confident with this thing- I should probably start her on hand sewing as well.

I hauled out a brand new sewing machine that had still been in the box for 5 yrs and never touched for me to use next to hers. It’s a Brother computerized 130 stitch quilting/sewing machine and I love it so far, too!


she decided on how she would decorate ‘her side’ of the triangle



Throwback Thursday: Sewing and Designing Little Couture Doll Ensembles for My Kid’s Gene Dolls


The finished outfit for Maisie’s Gene doll 🙂 Not bad for no pattern…

This is a little throwback Thursday post- I wrote it on Thursday and forgot to post it til Friday, though!

Last winter I went nuts and bought a ton of those gorgeous Gene fashion dolls for Maisie off eBay. I purchased clothed ones, naked ones, doll trunks, you name it… I guess you could say I did this for me. Having a little girl has been fulfilling all of my childhood doll fantasies in a really big way!

I sew and design clothes in my spare time (I used to design dog furniture in Oslo, Norway about a dozen years ago). I have a bad habit of collecting vintage fabrics and clothing (hello, hoarding). This little outfit prototype was made of an early 1960s silk chiffon nightie and some vintage black jersey fabric.


all hand sewn while Maisie was sleeping. It’s a pain trying to make a sloper pattern for a doll.


teeny stitches


the beginnings


had to sort out the arm holes et al


not the neatest hem I’ve done, but it was ok for the prototype


I really loved the belt and stole


voila! My design!


another view


another outfit I started, with a belt made of vintage scraps


teeny head scarf made from 1930s-40s fabric scraps


head scarf on doll